George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis: It's Over!

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She tried her best. But despite the efforts and beauty of Elisabetta Canalis, it's looking more and more likely that no woman will permanently hold down George Clooney.

After two years of dating, the actor and the model announced their split today.

George Clooney with Elisabetta Canalis

"We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy," Clooney and Canalis said in a joint statement.

The news isn't unexpected, and should be exciting for both men and women around the world. The latter will line up to try and tame the handsome bachelor, while some lucky guy will have a chance to hit this body.



It's just the thrill of the chase that he's addicted to not the women. He gets his jollies off by working to get the girl and once she's hooked; he's bored. Imagine that!!! Then it's off to the next conquest. Definitely sounds like mommy issues if you ask me. I can see him as the next Hugh Heffner. He gets older they get younger. Then he gets bored and finds another woman to pacify his time. I wonder if he is going to live forever like heff. Lol good luck playboys


Hey George, I knew that you would soon grow weary and move on, so sorry though, so sad. Everyone thinks you're looking but I don't, I thinking you're just passing time until the appointed day your romantic destiny arrives. When it does it won't fit anyone's definition but yours. And that's just fine, it is your life afterall.


If I remember correctly, didnt she say recently that she wanted to marry at some point in her imminent life? And isnt George allergic to marriage? LOL


Aahhh they look nice together.

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