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@RJB: Which would you rather have, a child rotting away in a state-run orphanage, or a child being adopted by (one or) two parents? Those are the ONLY choices for children that don't have a home. There are simply not enough opposite-sex couples available to adopt children. In addition to that, what makes you think that all opposite-sex are better at raising children than same-sex couples. Just because someone is heterosexual does not mean they automatically will be a great parent.


@RJB: That's a totally separate issue. I'm not sure why adoption gets lumped in with gay marriage so often.
If a gay couple promised not to adopt, would you be more okay with it? Marriage is not a religious ceremony, nor is it some kind of guarantee that children will be involved. It is nothing but a legal agreement and that's the issue at stake here.


Why is it such a big fuss anyway? Gays make up roughly 0.5% of the entire US population. I don't give a crap if they get married just don't cry to me when you get divorced.

Personally, I wouldn't have wanted to be raised by two women or two men, that's just me. I honestly don't think any child would rather be raised by two women or two men over the conventional way but the children don't seem to have a choice in this argument and that's where the real issues lay.


May he experience the same lack of tolerance and hateful prejudice he seems so comfortable dishing out.

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