Gary Shirley on Amber Portwood 911 Call: I Don't Want Her to Kill Herself ...

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In the midst of Amber Portwood's apparent suicide attempt earlier this week, it was Gary Shirley who called 911 and begged the operator for help.

"She's going to hang herself," he warned of the Teen Mom star, with whom he has a contentious relationship (and a two-year-old daughter, Leah).

In the 911 call, Gary said Amber Portwood had mentioned that she was "having a hard time with her life" and feared she might commit suicide.

Gary remained calm throughout, but it was an ugly situation just the same. Be advised of this if you listen to the Amber Portwood 911 call here:

"I just spoke with my girlfriend and she said ... she's having a hard time with her life ... call the police, they can find my body in the garage."

"I'm calling you guys because I don't want her to kill herself."

These excerpts are no laughing matter. The police came to the home and Amber was taken to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.

It's unclear why Amber was in such a bad place that day, but there have been rumors - which Shirley denies - of Gary cheating on her.


That 911 Operator was mean! I hope they fire her!


May sound weird, but this call seems so fake. IDK what it is. But I find it realllyyy weird that the operator would ask for a phone number and he'd start to say it and she'd interupt him with another question. She did that like twice. I'm not even sure if she got the address?


She has some issues with herself. Its a shame about her daughter who has a mother like this poor kid..


Hang in there Amber! Hope you get better and remember that Leah wants her mommy to get better. If you wabba chit chat.....hit me up on my email.


I would love to punch that woman that took the phone call. He was remaining calm and coherent. There was no reason she had to get frustrated with him when he didn't understand her question. And her.. I could give a shit attitude was awful. People that take these calls need to find a different job. No wonder so many 911 calls are under investigation so often. She sucked.


she is sick in the head and needs some serious help. And its sad that her daughter has to be a part of it.

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