Gary Shirley on Amber Portwood 911 Call: I Don't Want Her to Kill Herself ...

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In the midst of Amber Portwood's apparent suicide attempt earlier this week, it was Gary Shirley who called 911 and begged the operator for help.

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    Its unfortunate that the 911 dispatch b*tch doesnt have a heart or common sense! Knowing what other family members are driving to the scene is NOT important. Unless it is a domestic or a robbery the info she needed was provided by Gary immediately. I hope the family writes to her supervisor and requests that she is put on probation or fired! Hope she realizes that millions of people know how she behaved. She better pray that her name is not released to the public!!


    I agree with Victoria, Common Sense and D-lister. This $h1t isn't a joke, it's not to be taken lightly. That 911 operator isn't fit to hold her post.
    I feel very sorry for Miss Portwood, I wish her all the best and hope things improve for her. Poor girl. It's so sad to be that distraught and feel so hopeless at any age, let alone at such a very young age. That makes me feel very sad and afraid for her. I fear it's only a matter of time, but I really hope I'm wrong there. I've seen it in my own family. A person who threatens or hints at suicide all too often means it.It's a commonly held misconception that one who speaks of suicide doesn't actually mean it. I can promise you that's so wrong. I've seen it over and over.In my lifetime, I've seen too many people die untimely deaths by taking their own lives. This makes me feel so sorry for Miss Portwood. How did it get to such a critical point in her life?My best wishes for this young lady and her child and other loved ones in her life.


    OMFG Really you think she should kill herself. What if people say that sh*t about you so you can do the world a favor. My god the girl needs lots of help. She is a girl who is very troubled and you have no clue what she had to deal with growing up. Amber needs lots of help and if gary wants to stand beside her on that it might help. Gary needs to be there as a friend not as a boyfriend she needs to get her life together and not worry about a boyfriend or future husband. Amber needs mental help and lots of it. Kellsbells you need help as well if you think people should just kill themselves. The 911 operator is a BITCH and she needs to be fired from her job and if she did ask the right questions and let him finish and stop interupting him with all the different questions goin on all at once. WHAT THE HELL IS THE WORLD COMING TO.


    That 911 operator needs to be fired. I've worked as a customer service rep in the medical field and that attitude is NOT acceptable, especially from a 911 operator. If you needed help, would you call knowing you'd speak to someone like that? She sounds like she hates her job.. and that's a job you need to LOVE to do it the right way.


    Can't believe how rude and bitchy that 911 operator was.Show some compassion lady!!


    I don't need to listen to the 911 call to asses that it's a shame she didn't go through with it. Everything that waste of space does is for attention. She's a horrible human being, and should do her daughter, MTV and the rest of the world a favor by not telling anyone she's going to off herself, and just do it already. Attention-seeking idiot.


    the 911 operator was a little bit rude. they may get a lot of crank calls and stuff but obviously this was a serious situation and gary did a great job staying calm and relaying the necessary information. i didn't think that was necessary of the 911 operator to talk like that to him.


    Not seeing how the lady was a bitch...sounded like she was just trying to get the details straight so she could get someone out there to help with the's not in her job description to reassure anyone that everything's going to be okay


    OK so the operater i just want to smack that is so freaking rude,as for amber i do hope she is ok. I think she needs to be evaluated.


    OMG that 911 operator needs another type of job, what a "witch", life and death situation and copping that attitude...she needs to get fired! Hope you get better Amber and by the way lots of patience there, Gary

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