Florence Brudenell-Bruce: Dating Prince Harry?

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Bravo, Prince Harry.

The Royal stud has been rumored to be dating Pippa Middleton, setting the bar incredibly high for his next girlfriend. But, in reality, he's reportedly with Florence Brudenell-Bruce, an underwear model who could hold her (hot!) own against Kate's cute sister.

The two have been friends for years, sources tell The Daily Mail, with an insider saying:

"It's very early, but Harry and Florence are an item. "She is a lot of fun, blonde and very good looking. Harry really likes her."

Brudenell-Bruce is a descendant of the seventh Earl of Cardigan. As we all know, he led the Charge of the Light Brigade on October 25, 1854.


Three accinedts? He'd be dead then too! I think you mean two' accinedts. I thought his comment about not particularly liking England was rather gauche, although I believe what he added to that comment puts it into a more understandable context. A more experienced and mature person would probably have expressed himself better, but he is only 23 and no-one pretends he is the greatest intellect of the age, just your typical brave young British man; they may do incredibly stupid and immature things, but they have a tendency to come through when the country needs them, thank goodness.


Chalsy looks like a whore , and that model too!


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LOL. I'm sorry but Pippa's UGLY! She's 27 but looks 35!


Would the queen approve of this relationship? I mean she is an underwear model. Usually, they go for classy girls as girlfriends?


Pippa is cuter (: and not a whore :)

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