Eminem Plays Up Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Rumor, Calls Justin Bieber Evil in "A Kiss"

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Slim Shady is back to his smack-talking ways.

In his new track "A Kiss," from Hell: The Sequel, his new collaborative album with Royce da 5'9, Eminem is in rare form, hammering away at two of the biggest names in the entertainment world today.

The rapper references the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors (been awhile since we've heard about that) and basically calls Bieber Satan.

He raps: "Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/she's still a male lady. Wouldn't f--k her with her d--k/ You heard it/The verdict's in."

Okay then. As for teen sensation Bieber, he's apparently the devil, according to Eminem, who raps in the song that "evil runs through him."

Sounds about right.

At least he's cool with Katy Perry, though. We think. "Aw hell Shady, he'll tell it like it is/So Katy Perry he's on her tail/He's tailgaiting," he raps.

Pretty standard Eminem right there, although we doubt the fact that he's gone after anybody and everybody will assuage the singers' fans.

Little Monsters and Beliebers, have at it in the comments!


I love GaGa so much I wanna listen to this song just cuz it has her name in it(: eminem is cool too loveeee his songs and he's sexy and idc if he's bashing GaGa cuz its all in good fun


sorry @animal1013 or whatever, you are a rotten-penis. I'm sorry but let's say if it's not 50 cent. What about other hardcore rappers? eminem is a chicken and have little dick. He only dare to mess with girls and teens. drugs-CHICKEN!


Ummm Simon you wanna burn Eminem's dick, that's funny cause I wanna suck it to death.


Personnally I hate that everyone loves Lady Gaga...some people need to have their OWN TASTE in music, and not liking what everyone like ! her videos and stuff are not music at all. They are just STRANGE... I beleive that SHE is evil... I admit I get tired of hearing about Justin Bieber and everything but he looks like a really great person and I don't think he's evil at all. At first I used to hate him for no reason actually... but i HAVE reasons to HATE Lady Gaga !!!


Umm Simon or whatever ur a douche cause 50 Cent is part of Eminem's crew. that just goes to show how dumb u are. if youre going to diss on someone know what ur talking about. and his reference to GaGa shit why not she never said she wasnt or tried to ignore it she actually milked it. shes weird like that and as for Beiber ummm he may not be evil but his fans sure as hell are. death threats to Selena Gomez cause they are dating thats pretty evil if u ask me.


his works are based on negativity. He always say bad things about girls. What is he? Girlphobia? I wanna burn his dick. Why he's messing with people who never messing with him? He's just pretty jealous. And maybe he think that by putting gaga and bieber will be a hook for his marketing purpose? BAD. it's lame. I wonder when he's never messing with a hardcore rapper like 50 cent?
yeah, because he know that he'll get his ass kicked. Marshall, you are pathetic and i pity you for your untalented. Back to your drugs!


That was the funniest shit I have ever heard! Yall need to stop hating on Slim, he just saying all the shit yall really want to say! Who else going do it?! Shit, somebody got to do it!


LMAO I love it. But he forgot a few people....the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus. Then again, maybe he has another song up his sleeve =P


Y did enimen have to go to hatin its just too bad that him and lady gaga both sold there souls


I'm so glad Eminem is back. Who else is going to take on these people that half the world worships like they're some sort of demi-gods. It's like they need a counter force, and Slim Shady fits the bill perfectly.

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