Evidence in Car of Casey Anthony: Inconclusive?

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Many (if not most) trial observers believe that accused murderer Casey Anthony is indeed guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Some of the physical evidence against her is less than overwhelming, however, according to a Casey Anthony defense witness testifying today.

The air in Casey Anthony's car trunk contained chemicals associated with human decomposition, but didn't conclusively prove a body was there.

Casey A.

Dr. Michael Sigman, a professor at the University of Central Florida, said Casey's trunk showed traces of gasoline, chloroform and other chemicals.

However, those readings were all low, and said chemicals also are linked to onions, cabbages and Clorox, among other things. So ... it's tough to say.

As a result, Sigman told attorney Cheney Mason, "I cannot conclusively determine that there had been human remains in the trunk of the car."

This comes after prosecutors strongly suggested there were.

Prosecutors in the murder trial in Orlando had called several experts who concluded that based on the air samples, a strand of hair, insect activity and the reaction of cadaver dogs that a body was in fact in the Florida mom's car.

Among several other witnesses who took the stand at the trial today was Madeline Montgomery, a forensic toxicologist for the FBI.

She testified that she found no evidence of drugs โ€“ including calming medications Xanax and Valium โ€“ in hair presumed to be Caylee Anthony's.

But she also acknowledged she could not test the hair for chloroform, which was one of the ways prosecutors say Caylee was murdered.

Casey Anthony, 25, faces the death penalty if convicted.

What do you think? Is she ...


The Prosecuters have absolutly no evidence and the evidence they had has been shot down, I believe some one in the Family helped put the body in the woods with Teddy in the bag with Caylee but it wasn't put in the woods untill after Casey was in Jail , i find no evidence in the trial that says Casey killed Her Daughter , I believe Casey will go home. NOT GUILTY. She does Have one Hell of a HOT BODY and thats all she's guilty of.


I believe that something horrible happened to that little girl. Someone in the household did something to her, or as the defense claims tried to "clean" something up. I don't know if it was the mom or not. I think the defense has done a great job at proving a the burden of doubt. FYI Jenny Bright if you think that a mate has to be wealthy than you are a gold digging whore.


Jenny Bright - Please get a real job and stop spamming message boards!!


These are defense experts & they'll most likely contradict the prosecution experts. While there is no *smoking gun*, the circumstancial evidence is convincing. I hope the jury can weed out the nonsense & see this woman for the nutbag she is.


why is a child murderer getting the attention of the tabloids
Note to Jenny
What the hell are you doing and what are you talking about


Yeah, right, just like OJ bled all over the murder scene but the evidence was "inconclusive." How about we kill her now and try her later? Sounds like a plan.


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