Emily Maynard to Bentley Williams: Watch Your Back!

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In his three-week stint on The Bachelorette, Bentley Williams openly lamented that Ashley Hebert was the star of the show, not Emily Maynard.

Suffice it to say, Emily is far from flattered.

Maynard, who won The Bachelor last season, besting Hebert and Chantal O'Brien, is offended by Bentley's cruel treatment of her former co-star.

"He clearly had an agenda for being on the show, and it wasn't to fall in love," Emily Maynard says in a new video for Bachelor (dot) TV.

Despite his claims that things would be different if Emily were The Bachelorette, she says he would always be a sleaze with ulterior motives.

Bentley crushed Ashley this week, bailing on the show but not before disparaging her behind her back and implying there was still a chance.

Emily Maynard says that someday, Bentley will get his.

"It's hard for me to believe that someone could be that hurtful and mean spirited ... If I were Bentley, I would be sleeping with one eye open."

As for Ashley, "I'm really hoping we can stop focusing on the negative, and focus on all the great guys she does have there," Maynard says.

Clearly, J.P. Rosenbaum is one of said guys.


I believe that all of these people who go on this show is in it for one reason and that is to be on TV and see if they can get a break into show business. It is never about finding your true friend / soulmate. There is no way you can really fall in love in less than 4 months and know this people as well as you need to know them. It was clear from the beginning that any man would take a back seat to her kid.But when you deal with in-laws there is always another issue at hand,even though she wasn't married. But as far as Bently was concerned,Ashley was warned about him before she started the show,how stupid is she. Well time will tell and I have the up most respect for the men who left after knowing she was obessive with Bently. Please Please quit talking about Bently. Get over it, he is over You...


Amen Ciara !!!! Emily is a spoiled brat...and she has no room to be a finger pointer....She was on the show for fame and fortune (as if she needs more money)....She is bought and paid for by the race car family. That will never end and she would never want it to end. She is on a gravy train and knows it....The first and most important person in her life is herself...and secondly her spoiled kid !!!! Brad is much better off without the likes of her....


You know Emily should talk. She was just as bad as Bently. Her intitions were just to be seen on the show, and make a name for herself. She wasn't looking for a true love. Emily is a spoiled brat!! She is very hateful and makes women look bad on the Batchelor. Emily had no intition to find a soul/man mate. In fact she knows that any man in her life will have to take fourth fiddle in her live, due to the Father-in-law and her child. She is a very spoiled brat!! Shame on you for taking a spot on the Batchelor, and not allowing the other girls a chance to find there true love.




Can anyone tell me when The Batchelorett is on tv ?what night and what time and station?I watched the opening night and cant find it now.I Love this program.


woo hoo for emily... slap bentley around and let him know he would never stand a chance with you because he is a degrader of women in general!!

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