Edie Falco: Who the HELL is Kim Kardashian?!

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Wait, there's someone who doesn't know who Kim Kardashian is? Maybe Edie Falco was just making a point, in which case, it worked.

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    I don't care of who they are... all I know, that Kardashian had ruined my tv show. it will not adding any value to your brain power by watching them.


    Who the heck is Edie Falco, and who asked her opinion about Kim?


    Thank Edie Falco. F all Kardashian's. Lets remember that there dad help a killer get away with murder. They are all cash Cows!!!!!


    Who cares who KIM is she just another Hore for Hollywood using her bady and looks to steal money from those willing to pay. Kim`s da Hore of Hollywood along with all the hores who are doing the same thing showing skin for money the more skin you show in prime time the more money you make Moron......


    As irritating as Kim K is, she wouldn't be so rich now if she didn't have business smarts. Undoubtedly Edie is more accomplished in other areas. But at the end of the day she, too, "only" represents the entertainment industry, she's hardly an expert on any other field. So why should her opinions weigh any more that Kim's?


    I see you Monkey. Heh, heh, heh.


    lol, Pak31

    who the fuck cares how she earned her money. I'm am so sick of people like you who think just because you're more conservative you have the right to trash talk people even when they've said or done nothing to you. It doesn't matter if Kim is slutty. She's minding her own dawn business unlike you assholes who claim to be so better, yet stay talking about the so called lower class of people, in order to ignite the rest of the hater population.


    Edie Falco looks like a washed up old hag with her brittle hair and crows feet. I googled her and it looks like she has some accomplishments, but she obviously feels inferior to Kim if shes lashing out at her like this. If Edie was confident and proud of herself she wouldnt care about Kim and wouldnt have responded that way.


    Kim's not famous because of her reality show. Kim's famous because she made a sex tape. Same as with Paris Hilton. THis is how you get famous for nothing these days.

    1. Make a stupid sex tape.
    2. Feign disgust and shame when it is released.
    3. Negotiate the profits with a distributor.
    4. Get your own reality show.
    5. Start hocking products like weight loss aids that are really bad for you, shoes, perfumes, etc.
    6. Get even more reality shows.
    7. Laugh all the way to the bank at each of you suckers watching the show/buying their products. They think you/we are trash. That's the truth.


    To Holly: As I said before she was on The Sopranos. A great series on HBO that went for seven seasons. This may have been before your time cuz you probably watch MTV.
    Sorry you missed out. But she is much better in every way than Kim.

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