Did Courtney Stodden Undergo Plastic Surgery?

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At least Courtney Stodden is now making headlines for reasons other than the fact that she married a 51-year old man.

In defending her daughter's decision to wed a husband 35 years her senior, Krista Stodden said yesterday that her child has "real breasts" and is "not plastic." What did this have to do with anything? We have no clue.

But is it even the truth?

Courtney Stodden Picture

Photos posted on Courtney Stodden's official website give us a revealing look at the former beauty pageant contestant's body. Sit back, analyze every inch and decide:

Did she undergo plastic surgery?


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Can you say free publicity stint. Says she 16 but all pictures seen of her look like the harsh look of someone 20+ years older.


I'm 15 and I have 32C breasts. They very well could be real.


They could be real. Some girls are lucky enough through genetics to develop big boobs at an early age. But if you already have big boobs and you wear a push-up bra, that will make them LOOK fake. Anyway, this girl looks 30, not 16.


Britney spears wanna be


Inappropriate posture. Inappropriate marriage, inappropriate breasts. Definitely too matured to be 16.


If I'd been told this picture is of a 40-year-old hooker I would have believed it.


What parent would allow their teenager to have her breasts done (in the name of show business & the almighty dollar?)? The greedy kind. The kind that thinks its ok for their teenager to marry a 51yr old actor. It'll always be about the money!


This girls mother needs some serious parenting lessons! If she had work done that's pretty bad. A 16 yr olds looks would still be changing as she grows into adulthood, no need for "work". Either way these pictures are not ok for a 16 yr old to be putting out there and for her mother to approve is sick. Of course a parent signing for her to marry a 51 yr old is sick too. What happened to doing your job as a parent?


In defending her daughters decision, you mean to tell me the Mother's only comment would be that her daughters breasts are real? Um, earth to Mother, first of all, real breats don't look like oranges that have been cut in half, that have been placed under one's skin and second of all, that is your only defense? That is how you respond to the world? Unbelievable!! I already knew this world was one big messed up place but the Mother of this girl is really effed up in the head. Wow! ::shaking my head::


These are inappropriate pictures for a 16-year-old to be taking. And how did her mother allow this?! Does she really want a 51-year-old man screwing her daughter?! She should be dating boys her own age not marrying someone her parents age!

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