Did Adam Levine Slam Adam Lambert on The Voice?

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The Voice highlighted its final eight contestants last night.

But instead of focusing on the performances, Twitter was alive this morning with buzz over one of Adam Levine's critiques.

As seen below, in praising Nakia for his cover of “Whataya Want From Me,” the Maroon 5 singer took a few seemingly random jabs at Adam Lambert.

“I’m not familiar with that song, but you just forced me to like it,” Levine said. “I’m pretty sure, although I’ve never heard that song before, that you probably sang it better than the person that sang it originally."

Was Levine simply giving Nakia props? Perhaps. But his repeated references to being unfamiliar with the original song and artist have raised the ire of Lambert lovers.

In response, the former
American Idol finalist took the high road (mostly) on Twitter:

“I think Adam might know who I am after this next album. Get ready for me Levine. Hahah... But for the record, Im def a Maroon 5 fan. Fans: there is NO reason to be angry. Thanks for being protective but it's all good. :)”

Levine isn't the only judge on The Voice in hot water over a recent comment. Cee Lo Green took to Twitter himself yesterday to clarify a remark many considered to be anti-gay.

Back to Levine, though: Do you think he meant to diss Lambert?


Why not just ask who's song it was, before opening mouth & inserting foot?


Nakia was great. I think he's a fantastic performer. As for Levine to borrow Tina Fey's line "he's too self absorbed to be intentionally mean." But the way Levine phrased it was disrespectful. Intentional or not.


I have heard this song before, but I didn't know who sang it until reading this article, so no not everyone knows Artists or their music.


How can Levine assume that Nakia probably sang the song better than the original artist while 'claiming' he isn't familiar with the original song? Doesn't make sense. His comments do not lend him any credibility. Levine should explain his...*ahem*...logic!


Come on guys, everyone knows Adam Lambert. I'm 68 years old, love his music, even went to a concert. Wake up!


Whats the big Deal? I mean not everybody in this world has to know every song or every artist, Geez and just like someone said it here they tour to much they dont know anything about a new artist or their music. Btw Nakia did a really good job, But I have to say it Vicci martinez stole the show last night.!


Adam Lambert toured, also, but he knows levine. Have to be honest, I didn't know who levine was until he sang with Maroon 5. I remember them from VH1. I still think he knows Adam Lambert.You'd have to be under a rock in the past two years not to have heard of him. Whatever levine said won't hurt Adam any.


I am beginning to believe that Adam Levine really had never listened to the top five Grammy nominated vocal performances of the year. Sad really. Well, he knows who Adam Lambert is now.


I think people have to stop making every remark that a person says bother them I dont understand why people have to be so sensitive, Its a tv show with judges that have to try to be partial to their contestants and make them feel that their as good if not better then the original artist. Adam Levine did not say anything wrong and I hope he does not apologize for his comments. Everyone has to remember most of these judges tour so much through the year they dont have time to watch tv or keep up with the latest newest artists, grow up people!!


It wasn't really a slam. I don't think he should have said that Nakia sand it better than the original if you havnt heard the original but I don't think levine meant anything by it. Although I am surprised he hadn't heard the song.

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