Denise Richards Memoir to Detail "Beautiful Love Story" with Charlie Sheen

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It wasn't all bad.

That's the message Denise Richards will send on July 26, in reference to her marriage to Charlie Sheen, when this Z-list actress releases a memoir. It will, hilariously, be titled "The Real Girl Next Door."

The Real Girl Next Door
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"People have only gotten the rotten stuff," Richards told Us Weekly about her relationship with Sheen. "There was a beautiful love story between he and I and I know that it went the way it went, but I talk more about how I felt during that time because I feel like a lot of women can relate to that."

Sheen did refer to his ex as a "
loser whore, kidnapper and dog thief" in March, but Richards sounds mostly ready to forgive. The former couple does have two kids together.

"I talk about how [co-parenting] is a struggle and we had one of the worst divorces so if we get into a good place, that's great," she said.

Will you read The Girl Next Door?


First she acts like a victim then acts like he wasn't abusing her. Sheen is a low life and goes through more women then used toilet paper.He also abused Brooke Mueller and he is a disgraceful pitiful mere slip of a man


Denise Richards, you should without a doubt stick it to that wack-job ex-husband of yours Charlie Sheen in your forthcoming memoir. He absolutely deserves it after the way he blatantly embarrassed you and himself. You should, in your book, come right out and tear him a new one.


No he did not abuse her. You know she can also lies, it happens.. (during this nasty divorce they said lot's of awful things about each other, particularly Denise but who knows what is true) and still she said several times that he did not abuse her, she told nasty things about him (like he did a bit about her) but never about some abuse towards her just substances abuse..


Men are plotters. He was very charming and attentive at the beginning - then once they think they have you in their clutches....bam. You have to give Charlie credit for providing for his kids and Denise. I can respect him for that.


Beautiful love story? Didn't Charlie abuse her??

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