Crystal Harris Dumped Hugh Hefner Because...

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It's definitely over for Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner.

The Playboy founder acknowledged via Twitter yesterday that his 25-year old fiancee walked out on him five days prior to their wedding, and now Harris has also confirmed the split.

"After much deep reflection and thought, I have decided to end my engagement with Hef," Harris said in a statement. "I have the utmost respect for Hef and wish him the best going forward."

Hef and Harris

So, why did Crystal make this decision, aside from the obvious (dude is REALLY old!)? Sources have linked her to Jordan McGraw, but Harris' rep says this chatter is a "complete fabrication."

Instead, according to various insiders, the problems came down to money and music. TMZ quotes those in the know as saying Harris was annoyed by her "couple hundred dollar" per week allowance, and felt like she didn't have the freedom necessary to pursue a singing career.

It's unclear how this could be the case, though. Aren't 85-year olds asleep by six every night?



got to luv the pic of hef w his mouth wide open... bird chirping for worms?


Free - Yeah right the women who choose to live at the Hef's house are all "working" to "earn" their own money!!! Sure!!!! Does Hef even know what REAL LOVE is? Looks like he simply worships white flesh!


An old man with a clinched fist, not willing to released funds he has in abundance, to please his sexy, young fiancee? Which woman in her right mind would have gone through with the wedding?


Well, there's no need to feel sorry for Hef. Money is the only reason someone this young would marry someone that old. Hef isn't a stupid man, I'm sure he must know this. If he's not generous with his money of course she will have no reason to marry him! There's no reason to cry about it. Hef has chosen the way he lives. No one can have it all. I still think he has it pretty good!!


I honestly wish Hef all the best. As for Crystal, well, I don't wish her bad things at all but I do question her motives. If this story is true then it's her who should be ashamed. If you want more money sweetie then earn it! It is not anyone elses responsibility to fork over cash to you just because you want it, it is up to you to make your way in the world and earn your own money. You were likely getting way more money for doing nothing than many people make by working their tails off so suck it up princess. As for her not being free to have a singing career, yeah right. I doubt Hef would have stopped her. Seems more likely he refused to pay for it and she got mad. If she has talent she'll get a real recording deal but I'm not holding my breath. Best of luck Hef, I hope you find real love.


I am all for love and happiness. I was happy that Hef and Crystal were getting married. I will Not cry a tear that it evidently is Not going to happen, but I will continue to wish the two of them the best, with or without each other!!

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