Crystal Harris Covers Playboy, Talks Hef, May Have Planned to Ditch Him at the Altar

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Was Crystal Harris cheating on Hugh Hefner with Dr. Phil's son, Jordan McGraw? Does she really want a career in music? Why is it surprising news that a 25-year old would choose not to marry an 85-year old?

Yes, there are numerous questions surrounding the split of Harris and Hefner, mostly because it took place five days prior to their wedding date.

But this much we know for certain: Playboy couldn't have timed its latest cover any worse. Take a look at the name by which it refers to Harris on the cover:

Crystal Harris Playboy Cover

Seriously, though, what really happened between the couple?

Crystal was a guest on Ryan Seacest's radio program this morning and said there was no big falling out: "It was mutual between Hef and I, there was no fight, we sat down and we talked about it."

And while the break-up might seem sudden to us, Harris said she realized Hef's "lifestyle" of having "multiple girls around" just grew to be too much for her. The decision was a long time coming.

"For a while I've been having second thoughts about everything. I haven't really been at peace with myself lately. I didn't think it was really fair to him... They were gonna air a show on it. It was al happening too fast for me."

However, a source says Harris was plotting to make her own show of the nuptials: this insider tells The New York Post that Crystal was angling to be paid $500,000 in order to literally walk away from Hef during the wedding!

"Crystal wanted to ditch Hef at the altar," the mole claims. "Her plan was to walk up the aisle and say she couldn't go through with it. The wedding was to be filmed for a reality special, and her refusal to marry him would be a sensation. She was looking for a tie-in deal of around $500,000 for the exclusive 'I ditched Hef at the altar' interview."

But there was allegedly no major offer for this scheme and Crystal chose the traditional means of breaking up instead.

Do we buy such a plot? Who knows. All we can say is that Harris' debut single, "Club Queen," was released on iTunes this week. Looks like someone sure knows how to create publicity for it.


Oh my effin god! @thomasina, I take offence at the slightest bit of misspelling and bad grammar generally but I could not even read your post without laughing at the stupidity of not using real words never mind punctuation. My husband refused to even read it all in disgust. What is the world coming to??!


Yo Thomasina, what language is that??? Did you ever go to school??


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So it seems Dr Phils sons have a "thang" for strippers/porn stars.... the other one married one of the Dahmer Triplets and this one is obviously doing the nasty with this Crystal bimbo... Nice job Dr & Mrs Phil on raising your boys, it makes you very qualified to tell other people how to live their lives... Can anyone say "zero credibility".


I want to make a play boy


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HELLO...people, what is there to be sad about?!! I mean cmon! She was 60 yrs his junior!!! What did u expect from this marriage anyway????


Sorry Pak31 but who is looking at her face?? Not anyone looking at playboy, that's for sure. That's why they are naked, face does not matter!! LOL


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Hope she fails at whatever she does! Holly should kick her ass!!

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