Crystal Harris Calls Off Wedding to Hugh Hefner!

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The seemingly perfect union between a twice-married 85-year old with a harem of housemates and his 25-year old model of a girlfriend appears to be over before it officially began.

That's right, readers: Crystal Harris has walked out on Hugh Hefner. Five days before their scheduled wedding date!

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Image

Crystal has made it clear: she doesn't want to be wife number-three.

Sources at the Playboy Mansion tell TMZ the couple got into such a big argument over the weekend that Crystal has already packed her stuff and moved out.

What was the source of the fight? It's unclear. But rumors have linked Harris with Jordan McGraw, Dr. Phil's son!

That sound you hear, meanwhile? It's Holly Madison frantically dialing her ancient ex.


UPDATE: It's - gulp! - true: "The wedding is off," Hefner Tweeted. "Crystal has had a change of heart."

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Guess she didn't want an antique organ after all.


Hugh is too OLD TO MARRY A 24 YEAR OLD.


hess a dirty old man, id put him in prision and give away all he owns.


Why would anyone at that age want to marry such a horrible dirty old man she did a wonderful thing for herself and her family now she has to go and get on with her life and find a man that is her age all he wants is someone on his arm so he wouldn't look so ugly.


Yeah Crystal Harris you did the right thing. Hugh Hefner is way, way too old for you. A man his age can't even give you satisfaction. You'll find a right man your age, someone who will satisfy you, keep you happy, you'll see.


@cheryl delgado Barbi Benton is already married and has been for a very long time.
Holly has moved on and I highly doubt that she would go back to Hef. He needs to find some little old lady to be with or just stay alone. Leave the children to their vices Hef...stop being a dirty old man. I knew Crystal wouldn't go thru with the wedding..she only wanted to be in the spotlight. Hef probably lowered the boom with the prenup and she didn't like it. He is a very controlling man. These young girls don't like having curfews...they all want to go out and party all night and do what they want...that doesn't cut it in Hefland.


this man is such a CREAP!!!


Maybe the old rabbit chaser can't turn his doe over........
Maybe he'd rather make a buck or two???


Hmmm seems karma hit Hugh! Poor Holly desperately wanted to marry him and he wouldn't bother with her. She was good for him! How does it feel Hugh? You hurt poor Holly now ur left at the alter alone. Can we say an apology is needed?


she left all that cash! and luxury, maybe she'll be back 5 days stil enough for a change of heart.