Courtney Stodden Randomly Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying

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Courtney Stodden is a 16-year old who married a 51-year old last month, actor Doug Hutchison.

But that may not have been the most random thing this aspiring singer even did this year. About six months ago, Stodden recorded an anti-bullying PSA. A good cause? Absolutely.

Also a self-serving ego trip for the the teenager, who describes herself below as a recording artist/model/actress/model/TV hostess, claims she deals with cyberbullies on a "daily basis" and, twice, reminds viewers her breasts are real? Yes.

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She looks fricken 30 wipe that makeup off ur face and wear decent clothes than you could look like ur age...and how r u a good christian girl when u married a 51 year old man and you're 16 thats DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( and not in a good way)


Is she really 16? And she sounds like she is either high or drunk!!! What a freaking idiot!!! I can't stand her voice and her attitude!

Avatar no wonder he married....u make girls seem bad. Im her age n it makes me feel like "WTF". Please get real n stop modeling n singing n whatever else. crawl in a hole n live with ur 51 year old husband whore


Oh Courtney, if you're going to talk about bullying, don't make it about YOU. We don't want to hear how you're an actress or model (we would've been more impressed with a college degree, you're born with looks, not education). Some kids don't have their "looks" to fall back on so when they're continually made fun of at school, they go home to their empty room and cry. Some even get hurt by physical violence. However, people are idiots for making death threats. If you don't like Courtney (sorry Courtney, you're not very likable in your videos, you are too into yourself), then don't watch them. Courtney isn't Hitler, so let the violence go.


i can honestly say she does not look like she's 16


Isn't it rape when that young and u get married!! Lol she looks 30 I couldn't watch it all the way lol... she seems high!!


She is annoying as hell. She has the mannerisms of a transvestite.


OMG, are you sure she is 16, she looks 30.


wow that was the fakest most insincere psa i have ever seen. im not cyber-bullying at all im being honest when i say this girl is a poor ignorant prostitute. i actually feel really bad for her, she was obviously never taught right from wrong... her mother sold her to an older man hoping to gain something... its really sad.


Her breasts are as real as Dolly Parton's are. It seems like she made the PSA just to promote her non-existent career. Next...