Chris Brown Sort of Apologizes For Gay Insult

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We've love to give Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt, but to the extent that you can interpret one Tweet, he simply doesn't come across as sincere.

In his "apology" for dropping a gay slur at a bunch of photographers yesterday, the singer writes that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community."

Really, Chris? Do you now?

Chris ranted, "Y'all n**gas is weak. You all call them to try and film me? Y'ALL N**GAS IS GAY!" Yeah. Pretty sure that was intended to insult people.

There's also no apology here. If he has "total respect" he would at least acknowledge what he did with more than this half-assed dismissal.

He used "gay" as an insult, end of discussion. Is this some huge deal? Does this make him a bad person? Certainly not. But he's not going to win much respect or sympathy with frequent blowups and non-apologies like this.

Sorry, Chris. That's just some #REALSH!T for you.

Your thoughts? Should he apologize for real?

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Why is no one making a big deal about him using the N word? If they're not addressing that also, then address nothing. He didn't say "fa$$0t" which is a slur. Gay is not a slur, that's the politically correct terminology. Get a clue and a life.


That's a grown ass man he cud say wat he wants. Did n e 1 say something 2 eminem wen he said wat he said bout da church ppl. Hell nawl y cuz he white. Dis is sum bullshit leave dat man alone bcuz he is only human. Wat did y'all say wen bobby brown wuz beatn whitney's ass nothing. Wat did y'all say bout mel gibson wen he wuz talkn bout da gays nothing. And wat about da radio host who talked about da rutger woman n he racist but dats wat I'm talkm bout. Leave dat black man alone n find sumthing else 2 talk about.


Well I for one do not believe he should apologize any further than what he has. The apology he gave was real, but hey when we were growing up and even now we called each other niggas, and " you gay" It was a joke or even when we got mad "oh you gay that's all" I mean come on now that it is "legal" or rather "Out of the closet" it's a "SLUR" come on man where is freedom of speech? I don't find him wrong I think he was upset My best friend is gay so what. Do they need special treatment?"


OMG, sit yall gay asses down and find you something better to do other than watching and waiting for any A-list celebrity to drop the word faggot or use the word gay in a derragotory manner... Jeez...That man can say whatever he likes....If he feels like they were gay for that then hey...get over it. I'm sick of having to walk on eggshells when it comes to homosexuality. If I'm having a convo with my friends and I crack a gay joke I'm a gay basher?!! Really!!? Sensitivity overload, hell I've heard homosexuals refer to each other as faggots and punks so stop with the contradictory...If you find you something better to do with your time you wouldn't be worried about what Chris brown said...Respect his free speech...even if you dont like it...


*AWARDS FOR HIS MANY TALENTS* I'm just so angry and tired of this you dont know the more you hate him the more we support him because this is just ridiculous!!


I am tired of this PICK ON CHRIS BROWN CRAP! It's funny that TMZ can call th police on him cecause his car was an inch over the line so that he can get in trouble but really to PROVOKE HIM and he has to constantly apologize for EVIL LOWLIFE PEOPLE constanTLY trying to provoke! Damn leave this kid alone!! The TRUTH is that this week HE WILL ACHIEVE SOMETHING ALL YOU IN THE MEDIA SAID HE WOULD NEVER AND THAT'S AWARDS FOR HIM MANY TALENTS!!


Why is it that people are soooo frigging offended by the word GAY!?!?!?! I just don't get it. It's slang, just like half of the English language this generation of people use right now. I'm so tired of gay people getting offended by saying something is "gay". If they are taking offense, then they are taking it out of context. When I say something is "gay", homosexuals do NOT come into my thoughts. It's slang... so get over it gay people!


I don't think he has to apologiize for anything. This is just getting ridiculaous. Anything this man says or does is wrong in peoples eyes. But yet all this other celebrities say the same thing and nothing is said, heck Eminem rapped about buring his wife! and im sure he has said some slurs but where are all the articles about that? damn enuf is enuf


I don't think he need to apologize at all if ppl are going to choose to live an alternate lifestyle they need to choose to have a thicker skin.


I don't see why he apologized in the first place!!! People now days are to sensitive so what he said gay!!! An then we he do apologize it's not good enough??

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