Chris Brown Sort of Apologizes For Gay Insult

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We've love to give Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt, but to the extent that you can interpret one Tweet, he simply doesn't come across as sincere.

In his "apology" for dropping a gay slur at a bunch of photographers yesterday, the singer writes that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community."

Really, Chris? Do you now?

Chris ranted, "Y'all n**gas is weak. You all call them to try and film me? Y'ALL N**GAS IS GAY!" Yeah. Pretty sure that was intended to insult people.

There's also no apology here. If he has "total respect" he would at least acknowledge what he did with more than this half-assed dismissal.

He used "gay" as an insult, end of discussion. Is this some huge deal? Does this make him a bad person? Certainly not. But he's not going to win much respect or sympathy with frequent blowups and non-apologies like this.

Sorry, Chris. That's just some #REALSH!T for you.

Your thoughts? Should he apologize for real?

Brenda tascone

I am not a Chris Brown Fan but please Celeb or not he is who he is and you all know that.He doesn't need too apologize in my opinion.I am so sick to death of all the politically correct BS and how celebs can't be real people because they have to be a role model. They are only human and should not be held more accountable for their actions anymore than you would be.Just because he was given a gift and can sing now that means he has to be a better person than he normally would have been if he couldn't sing.BS! I am so sick of people over reacting to celebs and what they say and do.


I'm personally still waiting for him to apologize. RealS#!t is NOT an apology! He needs to take responsibility for his own actions for once in his miserable life. Soooo sick of these guys.


After reading all your comments, I have something else to add...someone that is in the spot light all the time should be held accountable for what he says. People look up to celebrities- he is not a good role model. And a for the N word- you right people call people gay and the N word all the time, it doesn't make it right. I am happy with who I am, and probably have tougher skin then half of you writing these comments. I'm gay and have tons of black friends- doesn't make them happy either.


Did this douche go to school at all? Doesnt seem like it. As for his apology, I dont buy it. His 'people' told him to do it & Im sure he didnt want to, which is why its half-assed. I cant wait til this jerk is a vague memory.


Truthfully I'm sick of Chris Brown all together. Everytime he opens his mouth something derogatory comes out of it. I am gay and that got under my skin. I think it's time he should get a taste of what he dishes out. Another reason I don't listen to him


doesnt anyone notice how much of a genuine dumass c.brown is??? if his label wants to make money off him they need to seriously train him not to speak or not let him out in public often. its common sense but he has none, they really need to controll their puppet


REALLY!!!!!! leave that Young man alone. apologize REALLY NOW.... Has everyone become weak by words now.... Comedians has to watch what they say now it just comedy.... Now Chris says or do something he owes an apology. really????? non celebs says things about gays and political stuff do they owe apology as well. people get a grip on ur self esteem....


Where did you people learn to spell? I have many problems with what he said. First the use of the N word. Why is it that black people can use the word but when anyone else does it is a huge deal? Second - he use of the English language is SO bad! "Y'all N is weak" IS weak? Hey Chris weren't you paying attention in English class? It's "Y'all N's ARE weak!" Chris Brown obviously has MANY issues with grace and needs much help with it.


Omg this is so stupid. For one, I love Chris Brown and I think its retarded (no, not a slur at handicapped people) that everyone is always up his ass (not a gay slur, either) about everything he says. Seriously if the gay community was so "proud", why would something so small seriously offend them? That's like me getting all butt hurt (haha i'm on a roll) if someone came up to me and yelled "you're white!". Yes, I am white... thank you. "You're a tall blonde!". Yes, I'm tall and blonde, thank you again. People if the group of photographers was gay, then what is the harm in Chris saying "YOU'RE GAY!"... as if they didnt already know. If any one of them was proud to be the way they are they would have embraced the comment and moved on. But no, everyone would rather pass blame to Chris like he did something wrong. Shut up and quit whining and like Andria said if you want to live that life style openly then you need to get some thicker skin and be proud of who you are. Done.


You know what that man aint got to appoilgize for every dam thang he aint talking about gay people god these kids say that he has to say hes sorry for forting and every body does that he is hurman just like u and me Chris Brown keep ur head up the pick at u that devil is a lie i love y always have always will dont let people worrie u they just want something to bump their gums about stay Schlonda N Farley-mosley Dallas Texas baby love u much Schlonda

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