Charlie Sheen in Talks for New Sitcom?

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Charlie Sheen has remained relatively quiet over the last few weeks. But might that be because he's planning a major career move?

Insiders tell TMZ the actor is entertaining a "big offer" to anchor a sitcom that would debut on broadcast television as soon as January 2012. The troubled star is allegedly in "deep negotiations" for a deal that would not even require a pilot.

Hey, Charlie!

Sheen has not said much publicly since predicting the demise of Two and a Half Men in in mid-May.

Any network might receive some angry letters if it hired Sheen, but is there any doubt viewers would tune in for his new show? Would you watch it?



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I think he's not as bad off as everyone likes to beleave , he's been doing this whole partying and acting thing for most of his life (he was born into it ) he didn't just go stupid over night , you know he's not going out like this and the dude is hilarious so yeah I would check it out


Funny how CBS only cared about Sheen when the world was informed of his problems, things they already knew about but didn't seem to care until it was very public. No matter what he did in the past as long as it was only speculation to us they didn't care enough. If they think I will watch Two and a Half Men w/o him, the man whose life the show was based on in the first place they're wrong. I also won't watch Kutcher on this or any other show again for stepping into the Sheen's role. I feel sorry for Sheen, he isn't a joke, he is man who needs help.


Called "Old F**ks at Home" ?
"There's one born every minute!"


Oh hell yeah I'll watch Charlie!!! Charlie Sheen rules!!! If some people don't like Charlie Sheen "F" OFF!!!!!


really like if anyone cares hello - this has been needs to start making money or his ass is grass hello


I think that foo is soo hilarious regardless what he does on his own time!! Thats my nigha!! Imma watch it for sure!!! Keep ya head up homie F#%? All tha ppl that doubt u!!! :))


Personally no, I would not watch. But if he can pull it together long enough for someone to take a chance on him and long enough to hold that job I'll be surprised. He's a nutjob but if someone hires him they already know that and likely someone already muzzled him which is why he's been quiet lately.


I will never watch him ever.


i don't think CBS will ever want to deal with him, but ABC should make him an offer :D


Of course i will watch him (but would prefer to see him come back on movies) anyway i stay skeptical about this news (the source is TMZ come on...)

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