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Your a fucking piece of shit. Yeah, you're "right" to be bigoted, ignorant and hateful is being threatened. Good luck explaining to God how sanctimoniously judgemental you are. Especially, good luck explaining to God you're promoting hate in His name. Hopefully, you'll drop dead and have that opportunity really soon.


Bahahhahahahah oh man jh is cracking me up. He/she/it is just so dumb. The fact that he takes a fairy tale so literally is beyond hilarious... Oh well. Some ppl never learn.



No just a righteous person who is tired of a very small segment of society trying to shove upon the masses their bad choices and disrespect and lack of fear of God

Their attempt to make it a crime to speak against the bad choices and immorality that make up their lives by redefining righteousness as homophobia

The American construction guarenties people the right to express their believes Publicley yet the homosexual community wants to put sn end to my rights
Because if they don't succed they fear the righteous community will once again triumph and get laws reinstated prohibiting public displays of homosexuality as it had been for almost 300 years and still is in about $98% of the world


JH, Either you are an excellent troll, or someone in desperate need of mental help.


@jay really, it couldn't have been said any better. I, 100%, agree with you on everything you said.



Just so you know the truth. I am not saying
Or calling anyone names

For all recorded history

Its the homosexual and other pegans who were generally labled a mud person by mosly the Islamic and communest peoples.

Not the rightoues man

Please learn your history


Jh- I'm hoping english isn't your first language because you are clearly illiterate. Instead of taking all that time to write about 18 paragraphs of bullshit you should go back to first grade and learn to spell and form a sentence. Best of luck.


I guess some people don't have keyboard and type o problems

I guess some people think they have the right to rewrite the dictionary

So to replace the word




sorry you don't

You see a righteous person recognises homosexuality as immoral and degenerative and fears not your criticism for a righteous persons rewards come not now but later when the unrightous are no longer apart of creation

Perhaps one day your eyes will be opened. I hope so

Untill then live your less happy or unhapppy life. Its your choice.

God did not make you this way



Homophobia reigns supreme amongst the mud people.


Suprised that you don't understand that using the word "gay" to imply anything derogatory or insulting perpetuates ignorance and homophobia. Stonewall 101.

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