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And I thought CeLo was gay. Of course, EVERYWHERE I go on the net and people are making comments, no matter the site or page, I have to get preached to by bible-thumpers. My famous last words-GO THUMP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!


Do gay people have to bitch about everything??? jesus....im not saying you guys are wrong or anything but it just seems like one person says the word "gay" and you guys are all offended.......grow up. people get bullied all the time for worse shit. quit fucking whining and just live your lives..


Yep those darn auto spell checks. A person needs to b really careful when looking at corrections and remember content


i sot this group is not a music me i want only industrial group or agricultural so thanks for choose me


Correction; common *sense*



At last one other person with some common sence posted here


Garrrr... grammatically incorrect comments are as good as profane slander, ZERO VALUE!!!
Ppl under the public eye unfortunately have a responsibility to watch their tounge. Because ppl with hissy fit throwing tendencies are just waiting to pounce. I am soo sick of the extra sensitivity towards gay ppl??? Wt??? Aren't we passed the era where we needed special gay rights communities etc??? Have we not evolved far enough to where a gay joke can be just that? A gay joke?... We've crossed the colour barrier far enough to where race based jokes are laughed at... C'mon gays relax already!... Well I dunno? maybe I just live in my own world where it's all good???


Dear JH

My heart goes out to you. Your patience is admirable please keep up the telling of the truth.

Remember friend if you only get through to one person it was worth it.

If Gods own son can suffer all He did and suffer the cross. How truly little is your suffering here at the finger tips of these lost and unhappy people

Hold the faith


On the contrary It takes a great deal of love and compasion for people to take the time to enlighten a group of mean spirited and faul mouthed as comment here Please don't write about God until you have studied for years at least one of the major faiths books. For you have know idea who or what God has told His creation If you had studied at all any of the books you would know that each of them teach to take Gods message out to the world and spread it As to the topics here God is very plain. In fact it is one of the plainest topics spoken of in the books with no grey area's Don't practice homosexuality it goes against nature Or didn't you read that part. Or did you and just don't have the knowledge and courage to talk about it Everyone here seems to find it easy to rant. But none have knowledge to do more than rant. JH



95%+- of worlds people believe in that fairy tale
According to you that means 4+ billion people are dumb

And you r the only smart one?? Or you and the rest or most of your group


Some people will not ever learn your right about that. But they r from your group because the 4+ billion person group has

So make fun of 4+ billion now but remember this

Your 50-90 years of this life is as one grain of sand out of all the grains of sand on all the worlds in the whole of creation compared to how long you will exist in eternity

And you are going to risk that

Really now. Who if any are dumb? Those who believe or those who don't

God exsits wheather you believe it now or not. And one day you will let's just hope its not too late for you when you do


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