Caylee Anthony Was Murdered, Coroner Says in Court

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Caylee Anthony was murdered.

So stated Dr. Jan Garavaglia, a semi-famous coroner, who testified in court today during the Casey Anthony trial.

The defense has been arguing that the two-year old daughter of their defendant died of an accidental drowning, but there's "no other logical conclusion" aside from homicide, said Garavaglia, the Orange County chief medical examiner.

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How can Garavaglia state this as a fact? She reached the conclusion based on the condition of Caylee's remains and other factors, including the discovery of duct tape around her skull.

Casey's attorney, Cheney Mason, tried to move Garavaglia away from her findings, but the doctor shot back:

"Accidental deaths are reported unless there is a reason for it not to be... 100 percent of the time... that's systematic observational studies."

With her voice rising, and with her testimony cutting into the defense's key argument, Garavaglia added:

"No child should have duct tape on its mouth when it dies."


I don't believe she should get the death penalty. That's too easy. She should have to live out her life in prison where she will be beaten & bullied. She should have to live out her life with the constant memories of what she did to her child. She should have to live with the millions & billions of people who hate her. If her punishment is death, that's not really a punishment at all. It's an escape. To her, I bet it would be a privilege.


They should bring back stoning. I'd love slam huge rock into her lying face.


horrible. i duno how u can do this to a child or anyone actually n not be called a mental patient. i feel sorry killing a fly, but this is a human being... i dun get it


They should do to her what she did to that baby...An eye for an eye.....Thats whats wrong with our county.....people kill innocent children and they stay in prison for life, or they get the death penalty, but the fact remains they are still liviing and there victims are gone.....Poor little baby..............