Casey Anthony Motion to Dismiss Case: Denied!

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After the prosecution rested in the Casey Anthony trial, the judge denied the defense's motion for acquittal on the Florida woman's murder charge.

Judge Belvin Perry said the state presented "substantial, competent evidence" that Anthony's daughter Caylee was slain and she was responsible.

The defense now must proceed with its case on Thursday.

Casey Anthony Trial Photo

Anthony faces three charges, including first-degree premeditated murder. She had no reaction in the Orlando court when the motion was denied.

Her attorney, Cheney Mason, had argued that prosecutors failed to present evidence that a murder had even occurred, premeditated or otherwise.

"There has been no evidence of premeditation," the lawyer said. "There has been a stacking of inferences. A stacking of speculation. No evidence."

"There is no evidence to suggest when she died, where she died, how she died, who if anyone was in attendance with her when she died."

The state, he added, established only that "the child is dead."

In denying the motion to toss the case, the judge begged to differ and concluded there is compelling evidence Caylee Anthony was murdered.

Her mother, while innocent until proven guilty, is on trial for a reason.

Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick argues that Caylee Anthony died as a result of "three pieces of duct tape applied to her nose and mouth, as a result of poisoning by chloroform [and] as a result of a combination of the two."

Gruesome stuff to say the least. What do you think? Casey is ...


ok why would she be looking up the recipe for chloruform on the internet why did it take her 30 days to report her child missing, OMG she is guilty, knowingly, this is a 3 ring circus and she is a waste of tax payers dollars and your footing the bill for the last 2 yrs this bitch has sat in jail. just give her a guilty verdict and stick the needle to her this bitch needs to go


I have been following this case since the very beginning and after all is said and done I feel that she did accidently kill her child. I believe that she wanted to go out partying one night and for whatever reason couldn't get a sitter so she decided to just put her out for awhile with some Chloroform but over did it.Then she had a psychotic break and she put the body in the trunk until she could come up with some ideas about what to do next. Not sure if the grandfather was involved or why she needed the duct tape.She loved her daughter in my belief. We will never know the truth but it wasn't a drowning in the pool.


Wow, just make her guilty, give her the injection, and get it over with! We all know she did it. Even her mom can't deny it. Some one deserves hell, and they deserve it now!


you know Casey and you will never forget it ....


No evidence of premeditation? This woman cold-heartedly murdered her poor defenceless child, in a rather gruesome fashion, and you are going to tell me that there is no evidence of premeditation? I say throw her in the slammer right NOW and let her 'bullshit lawyer' spend one time in the same cell with her. Throw in a roll of duct tape. See if he would sleep the night.


If my 6 month old is out've my sight for a second, I immediately begin the freak out! It makes me sick to see her sit up there with all these lies and even have the audacity to plead not guilty! Are you effin kidding me!! It's just sad all around! My heart goes to her family. I hope they find peace one day.




She is so guilty that they should end it now!! If she gets off it would be a disgraced to little caylee. How can a mother kill her 2 yr. old child her parents would have easily taken her or someone would have adopted her.


This a sad situation for the whole family, They have suffered more than anyone. For Cesey's parents to think she has done it must speak valumes toward her guilt.


She killed her daughter thats just BS...