Casey Anthony Jail Video: Agitated, Erratic

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A video played for jurors Friday in the Casey Anthony trial shows the accused child murderer growing noticeably exasperated with her parents.

Near the beginning of the video, her mother, Cindy Anthony, suggests the possibility that Caylee Anthony, 2, had died in a freak accident.

"They are saying Caylee drowned in the pool," Cindy says, to which the 25-year-old defendant responds dismissively, "Surprise, surprise."

The completely unexpected and stunning defense claim that Caylee drowned accidentally on June 16, 2008 was made in court last week.

This jailhouse visit occurred nearly two months after Caylee's death. As the visit continues, Casey bristles as Cindy asks her for details.

"I'm frustrated and I'm angry," Casey says. "This is the first time that I've truly, truly been angry. I'm so beyond frustrated with all this."

As you can see in the clip above, Anthony also snaps at father George for interrupting her, growing increasingly agitated and erratic.

Breanna krieger

casey anthony , i can belive YOU & tha shyttt you did , like its outrageous , you deserve to BURN IN HELL.! you killed a innocent child , like what...? why would you do that? you dumb , dumb as heck i mean if i were you i'd kill mysself because now you have everyone hating on you and you have to live day by day with the guilt of killing beautiful caylee . you son of a biotch.! i cant stand you.!


caylee is now one of gods little angles,casey has to look in the mirror every day will she like what she sees, i say no, carring around that lie will wear her down, that she carry for the rest of her life,not a good feeling,even when you or i do something wrong it stays in your mind,in time she will tell the story you got to tell somebody thats just human nature,all killers like to talk about what they done,and she will too,hey casey have a beatufuil life


Dont worry casey anthony will gets what coming. God dont like ugly. She will have to think about this for thr rest of her life. My heart goes our to little cayle.


In every bar/club on this planet, in about any time of day, in about any day of the year, you will find at least one person getting drunk to dilute any difficulties accruing in his/her life.


To: Kristine I am an RN and a mother of 4 who experienced sexual abuse at the hands of a relative when I was a child. I NEVER let my children even be around the pervert that violated me. Nor did I give the perv the opportunity to be alone with them. Your theory that Casey and George covered up Caylee's drowning because he was molesting her doesn't fly. If George was abusing Casey as a child do you really think she'd let her daughter be alone with him? I don't. If she was or wasn't molested, it doesn't change the fact that Casey was out partying and having a good time and avoided her mom and dad for over a month. Seeing how George was a cop, I doubt he would have disposed of Caylee's body the way it was found. He can't be that stupid to wrap it and tape it the same as he did the family pets. Casey did it and was trying to make it look like it was George's fault! But she couldn't keep her lies straight and it backfired on her.


This trial should have lasted about 5 minutes. How long was the baby missing before she said a word???? And while she DID it... there is something really wrong with the Dad also. She accuses him of being a pervert and molesting her. But did you all catch that jail visit where he walks in and says "Hi Beautiful... I am great now that I am with you.." Kinda weird for a man who has been accused of the unthinkable by his daughter. There is something totally sick there. Did it involve the child?
She is still the killer on every level.


@sixgun....Remember Casey, was missing for a month with her child she kept telling everyone she was in Jacksonville and then somewhere else and everytime they asked to speak to Caylee, she always had an excuse.... And the defense no she did it they are trying to keep her from getting the death penalty. all staged to keep her from getting death but she will go to jail

Melina mar

my opinion through her BODY LANGUAGE... she disagrees with media news about the drowning part ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This case makes me soooo angry. Really if Caylee acidentally drowned in the pool as the defense claims, then why was 911 not called at that specific time and why didn't the medical examiner find proof of a drowning during the autopsy of Caylee's remains. I hope for alls sake Casey is found guilty and put to death.

Breanna krieger
@ Melissa Rose Parsons-Hood

agreed melissa agreed.!


Anyone who believes Casey Anthony's lies is just as DIABOLICAL as she is....That murderous Bitch is a sociopathic freak and I hope she burns in hell for what shes done to her daughter....NO PITY FOR MURDERERS!

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