Brooke Mueller Misses Charlie Sheen

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Brooke Mueller returned to the scene of the crime recently, and shed tears over the main who allegedly threatened to kill her with a knife.

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    Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully hpeulfl!


    John Grey you are pathetic.


    This woman feels entitled. Entitled to the big house, the money, the unlimited drugs & the disposable kids w/built in nannies. A tiny sliver of good times does not surpass the assaults, abuse, neglect, absentee parenting & the abuse of drugs. These 2 lack common sense.


    He "misses" using hard drugs as well: that doesn't mean the feeling is a productive one.....

    It's very interesting the way she speaks (quote:) "I'm allowed to miss parts of my ex-husband." "I am allowed" - as if she is looking for approval. She knows very well that is a disgustingly unproductive thing to entertain. This person has NEVER been anything but a biological "father" to her children. He has physically abused her and other women, he has destroyed his career and would have destroyed the careers of others - had he been able.
    Many vipers are colorful, interesting animals but venomous just the same.


    Missing Sheen would be like missing a hemorrhoid.

    I'm thinking he's one of those guys who wines and dines, treating a girl like a princess, until he turns like the sick rabid dog he sometimes turns out to be.

    I feel so sorry for his kids.


    These are above all allegations, we the public will not really know what was going on between those two in Aspen (as well as you don't know celeb gossip columnists !).
    In personal conflicts with two people with a hot temper who love each others there is not really a "bad guy"..they are two flawed human-beings who had issues in their relationship, BOTH have certainly their faults, now she has the rights to say she miss him, it is normal and human they were once a couple, loved each others now let's moving is their personal business.

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