Britney Spears Scores Legal Victory Over That Lowlife Sam Lutfi

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Sam Lufti has once again been shot down in his bid to get Britney Spears to testify in his defamation lawsuit against her parents, Jamie and Lynn Spears.

Superior Court Judge Zaven Sinanian refused his attorney's request to have the pop singer undergo an independent psychological evaluation. The reason?

It would infringe upon sealed orders from Judge Reva Goetz, who is responsible for the conservatorship that basically saved Britney's life in early 2008.

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Sinanian also refused the request to obtain child visitation and drug test reports from 2008, which Sam Lufti claims would prove that he wasn't drugging Spears.

It's hard to believe this bottom-feeding parasite was once her manager - or at the very least a member of her inner circle - but we're glad she's rid of him now.

In the last few years she's released two smash hit albums, Circus and Femme Fatale, and seems happier than ever with her sons and boyfriend Jason Trawick.

Let's keep it that way. Sam, crawl back in the hole from whence thou came.


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I've never really been a fan of Britney, but i'm really happy things are starting to go her way. She really has been working hard to get her life in order since her divorce and breakdown. It's nice to see that she can be a great mother (despite past mistakes)and make a career come back too. Good Luck Britney, I may not be a fan but I wish you all the best!