Breaking Down the Breaking Dawn Trailer: Scene by Scene...

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The Breaking Dawn movie trailer was unveiled at last night's MTV Movie Awards, and fans have not stop buzzing over scenes from the two-minute preview.

Did you see Edward at the altar? Jacob running in the rain? Bella - GASP! - rubbing her pregnant stomach?!?

There are too many shocking, drool-worthy, scream-inducing developments to list, but THG is here to help you stop and analyze a few key ones. Instead of rewinding the same video over and over, just click on the following stills and stare at the Breaking Dawn images for as long as you'd like...

Pregnant Bella!
  • Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn
  • Edward Gets Serious
  • Jacob Shirtless
  • Angry Jacob
  • Edward on His Wedding Day

Seriously, is it November 18 yet?!?


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I cnt wait to see bella's pregnancy. November!! November!! November!! is still far!wat do I do?? Folks???


November had to get her faster o am counting down the days ca teaks for the honeymoon scene TEAM EDWARD FOREVER!!!!




i cant wait for the movie it is so far away!!!!!!! i am counting down on the eclipse calender i have 5 more months...i think. :-


Omg i cnt wait either ........ I want to wachh how bella turns vanpire ad it looks creepy ow her baby moves in her .... Vampire sex looks the best !!!!! TEAM EDWARD FOR EVER !!!!


can't wait anymore!


BREAKING DAWN will break all box office records!!! still 6 months to go!


I can't wait to see breaking dawn I'll love it so much I already know it....OMG I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE NOVEMBER 2011 COME RIGHT NOW!!!!! I LOVE YOU EDWARD CULLEN!!!! TEAM EDWARD!


It looks so good! Im counting down the days till november!


seriously folks, is no one commenting on the one scene that got my most rapt attention>>>>>>where it looks like edward is holding on to ....dare i say it....the HEADBOARD.....and it looks like hes mightily trying to control himself as he makes love to Bella????? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!