Breaking Dawn: The Official Movie Trailer!

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You know what's coming - a marriage, a honeymoon night, a birth - but you don't know what it will all look like on the big screen.

Until now.

Summit Entertainment has unveiled the first official trailer for part four of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. It hits theaters on November 18 and it focuses on the Quileute and the Volturi closing in on Edward and Bella, newly hitched and expecting a child. Watch and enjoy!

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Do you see pregnant Bella? If that is considered pregnant in Hollywood, something needs to be changed.
At any rate, it'll be just what the fans want. Shirtless Jacob, dramatic acting, and tons of (vicarious) sex.
Now me, that ain't my cup of tea, and it probably won't ever be. :|


I totally love Twilight !! Waiting for it to come out, will give me a chance to read the book as many times more as i can.. Nov. 18 will be a memorable day for all of us fans ..


Can't wait to watch it. it will show them getingh= maried then her pregnant then they will make us wait moree!


OMG. I just saw this on MTV movie awards and I can't wait to see. It will be a great B-day present for me. It comes out the day after my birthday!!!


Wanted to see more of the Pregnancy scenes, but still a great Trailer :)


looks good!i can't wait to see it, kristen looked beautiful!


i can't wait that long it's cruel to make us wait


omg i cant wait


Why do we have to wait so long too see it?! I've read the books too so even though I know what happens, it's amazing to see it brought to life in a movie! Cannot wait


This looks so freaking awesome!! I can't wait.