Brandon Davis Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Possession, Avoid Jail Time

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Brandon Davis, the Hollywood socialite known as Greasy Bear, has managed to essentially slip through the fingers of law enforcement.

Two months after being arrested with cocaine in his pocket outside a Hollywood nightclub, Davis pleaded guilty yesterday to possession. But, come on, he's a Z-lister with money, do you really think he's headed for prison?

Trouble for Brandon Davis

Cops were called to the scene of Beacher's Madhouse in April after Davis allegedly punched comedian Ben Gleib in the face. The authorities arrived, discovered the drugs on Brandon and arrested him for battery and possession of a controlled substance.

Now, Davis has pleaded no contest to the former charge and has been sentenced him to a drug diversion program. If he completes it, both charges will be dropped.

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Brandon Davis is the absolute definition of a punk ass rich kid. He shits on everyone working to make America a great country. Some of my best friends and family members served our country with the utmost honor in Iraq and Afghanistan. To think that they risked their lives while this kid snorted cereal bowls full of cocaine and drove Bentley's makes me ill beyond belief. This douche bag has no understanding of what it means to be poor, the fears and apprehensions of common Americans about losing their home or being in so much debt as to never see the 'light of day'. Like all spoiled rich kids from Beverly Hills, he is not an American. He is elitist scum and the very definition of what is wrong with the 1%. Too many people complain about subsidizing the poor with welfare, but what about people like Brandon Davis who take wods of cash from their parents and spend it on drugs!! One day I will run into Brandon Davis and knock his punk ass out and say "Welcome to America asshole."


I can make my life a joke while mommy and daddy fix everything with money. I'm such a winner. Meanwhile more people lose jobs and more families lose homes and more children starve.... All so these elites can pamper their preshush wastes of space.


This guy is nothing more than a self serving moron with nothing going for him other than pedigree, which I suspect the best part of which ended up as a wet spot under his mums arse.


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