Blake Lively Dishes on Green Lantern, Chemistry with Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively (or a Blake Lively doppelganger, depending on who you believe) recently starred in a nude photo scandal. That was rather eye-opening.

Fortunately for the actress, all eyes will be on her in a different capacity this weekend when the blockbuster film Green Lantern arrives in theaters.

Gorgeous Blake Lively

In an interview with In Style, Blake discussed her role in the comic book adaptation and the films she has taken on aside from TV's Gossip Girl ...

On her character, Carol: "[She's a] really appealing character in this film, and it’s rare because you never see a female get to also be the hero."

"She’s not a damsel in distress. Hal [Reynolds] doesn’t swoop in and save her. She pushes him. He’s inherited a lot of responsibility, and he’s not sure he wants it."

"He’s not a superman – he’s just a man, and he has his weaknesses."

On whether she has chemistry with Reynolds: "Yeah, I mean, when you do those screen tests, you always just say, ‘Well, there’s only so much I can do, I just hope something clicks.’ And it did. We were very lucky to have that."

"But I can’t take too much credit for that because I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t click with Ryan Reynolds. Everyone likes him."

On her career path: "It’s never to me about a specific formula. People say, 'Well, whose career do you follow? Where do you see your career going?'"

"I can’t tell you what type of movie I would do next. To me it’s about doing things you’re passionate about, and I think that that comes through."

"After my first year on Gossip Girl, everybody said, 'You’ve got to do a big commercial movie, ride this wave.' And I did a tiny Rebecca Miller film, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, where Alan Arkin was 74 played my husband, and I was 19."

"That was a really different, weird, dark story, but one that refueled me creatively."

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