Bill O'Reilly on Anthony Weiner Scandal: Dumb, Potential Security Risk

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Bill O'Reilly appears willing to believe Anthony Weiner.

While acknowledging that the attention paid to this Congressman's Twitter scandal - in which he alleges someone hacked into his account and sent this picture to a 21-year old follower - is "dumb," O'Reilly also brought up an interesting point last night:

If a hacker really did infiltrate a Congressman's account, we're looking at a major security risk.

The Fox News host said. "Weiner's case is dumb. But if he was hacked, that's serious. So the FBI should be involved and should tell the folks they're on the case."


Bill O'Reilly? Isn't he the guy who wanted to get after one of his female employees with a loofah. Didn't he have to pay a gazillion in money damages? This is the guy who is giving out advice?


@ diaper sweat, ur absolutely right. even worse however, is that grotesque weiner mug which just begs to be dumped on

Diaper sweat

Bill O'Reilly has a face that is begging to be farted in.

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