Beyonce vs. Xtina: Who Would You Rather...

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The July issue of W features dueling covers: on one, Beyonce teases a left boob flash; on the other, Christina Aguilera goes a lot further than that.

It's a prime time in the careers of both these stars, as Beyonce has a new album on the way and a lifetime achievement award on her mantel. Aguilera, meanwhile, can thank The Voice for a comeback many didn't believe was possible.

Compare the cover shots below and then make your opinion known on this pressing issue: Which gorgeous singer would you rather... you know.

And the Winner is?

They are both hot and both covering the latets issue of W. But which would you prefer to do? View Poll ยป


beyonce is the best and dont forget that and it aint no contest cause they both good but beyonce overrule


Psshhht Beyonce is all class with her ass :L... Although xtinas mild porny pic looks more artsy than porn... Still Beyonce has a bigger better effect on girls!!! She owns christina performance wise... :L and makin moneyyy


Christina is waaaay better & hotter beyonce is boring!!!


Love Christina........... Beyonce is just so fake


christina..she is hot!

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