Beyonce on Babies, Birthday and... Retirement?!?

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It seems like Beyonce has been around forever, but the singer only turns 30 years old in September.

How does she feel about such a milestone? EXCITED, Jay-Z's better half told Piers Morgan last night.

"I feel like 30 is the ideal age because you're mature enough to know who you are and to have your boundaries and your standards and not be afraid of [being] too polite. But you're young enough to be a young woman."

The artist also hit on the topics of children and retirement. See what she had to say now:

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I admire beyonce for waiting. There are so many teen mothers that we have forgotten that we are suppose to wait until we are "grown". Not knocking anyone because i had my child when i was 19 years old i am 23 now. I dont care for B very much but she is very ambitious and i think she is a good role model. Congrats B and J Z


All I hear from this sad insignificant mstellitlike it is is that she is young, has nothing else going on in HER/HIS/IT's life. Lets see if they still feel the same way when they turn 30. I had my son at 30. Im glad I waited. By waiting, I was in a better position to take care of him. As a teenager, you havent lived life yet. Some mothers are force to let go of their childhood to become an adult for thier child. In your twenties, you still have partying and learning to do. Not knocking anyone else's decision to have a baby earlier than I. But I was there when my best friend had a child at 16. I was there when my college friend ha a 2 year old in college. IT WAS VERY HARD FOR THEM. I think Beyonce waiting until it was right for her shows maturity and knowledge. If you think 30 is old, how pathetically sad for you Mstellitlike it AIN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!


@Mstellitlike it is..ya sound STUPID n IGNANT(yea I said it tht way)and HELLO she's 30 NOT 35 SILLY ASS!!! and how n the hell is it unattractive 2 be pregnant over 30??lol SMH


Congrats Beyonce and Jay'z


What she's saying is true but I think 30 is the right age GWARN! Beyoncee! Back in jamaica I had my baby when I was 18 now 31 Mi Still Happy For Her


that chick that has a prob wit them havin a baby at this age, might have been the dumbess sh*t i ever heard.lmao. U can tell her a** got 2/3 b4 she turned 18yrs old. Which btw, is nothin wrong wit that,jus dont drag other ppl down bcuz u cant take care of yo kids. Bey wus smart enuff 2 wait till they were ready, sound smart2me!!


B!! Inspiration to all young women... And u dumb clucks who think havin babies for over 30s is wrong tell that to your own unhealthy arse... I've seen 40yr old personal trainer (owner of my gym) have the healthiest pregnancy and easiest labour and fastest recovery ever! put my young arse to shame (abs back in a week) still doin full on classes at full term pregnancy... If a woman is in control of her body she knows her limits!


i sure can tell what comments were written by men! Lol mre and mre women are waiting to have children i think its smart.


Are you retarded? Pushing babies out at 35-40 is extremely natural, many women have healthy babies after 35 naturally. It is just as natural to conceive at 36 as it is at 18, it's harder but extremely possible. How is it any less attractive than having a baby any younger? Even it is a thing of science, which is certainly is not, who are you to say it isn't attractive? Would you tell a 24 year old who's had IVF because she couldn't conceive that her having a baby isn't attractive? I'd hate to be as shallow and stupid as you. And no, they're not getting a divorce troll.


First and foremost..arent they getting a divorce? 2ndly...the world is tired of B. Like ur 30..and being 35-40 yrs old pushing out babies is A THING OF SCIENCE. Its not natural. And it sure as hell isnt attractive. Do something else?! I sureee you have other talents other trying to "prove your youth" in the music industry, and getting money off of your mothers clothing line.