Bam Margera Lays Into Roger Ebert Over Ryan Dunn Tweet

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Jackass star Bam Margera lost his friend and co-star, Ryan Dunn, in a car accident early yesterday. He's understandably very upset about this.

It's equally unsurprising that he is livid with Roger Ebert's Tweet about Dunn, in which he wrote "friends don't let jackasses drink and drive."

Bam proceeded to tear the the movie critic a new one on Twitter:

Bam Tweets

Ebert was, for reasons unknown, chiming in about Dunn's alleged drinking just hours before he got behind the wheel and perished Monday morning.

It's unclear how drunk Dunn was, but he was seen drinking at a Philly-area bar before his fatal crash, and was there for over three and a half hours.

In any case, Bam's not happy and is letting him have it. Did Roger go too far, too soon, considering the man just died? Does he raise a valid point?

What do you think about Ebert's Tweet?


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What about the person that died with him? This nimrod drove drunk at over 100 miles an hour and you want to make a hero out of him? puuullleesssee! Im sorry he died, but damn he he put him self there. And Bam? jesus, ive buried a number of brothers this year that died in sh""t hole countries. Not over payed nuts. I feel for his family and hope they can come together as I have seen many military families do over the years.


As written before we have all done dumb things be it drinking, speeding, texting or cell phones or even turning the dial on the is so sad anyone had to get die or at the least get hurt for wrong judgement....but it happens everyday...I dont think Roger should have called out a "jackass" that was also poor judgement! But honestly havent we all not drove perfectly? Granted he shouldnt have drove but he did and now lets learn. Stop being cruel


I understand what he did was wrong, but this man died and his family are still grieving, and its not right for anyone posted a comment about how a jackass he is and how unresponsible it was. Think about this man's family and friends right now would you like to hear this shit if it was your family or friend that passed away like that no SO JUST DROP IT, it is way to ealry for people to be talking and putting their opinions in about how reckless it was


Roger Ebert said it right, folks. Whenever one decides to drink and drive, if the passengers of that automobile, and/or other drivers, die in a car crash caused by alcohol intoxication, that is called murder, my friends, as bad as it my sound; and that is jackass behavior. And I loved Ryan Dunn, people...don't get me wrong now. But what he did was irresponsible and criminal. May he rest in peace. He and Bam Margera were my favorite characters.


Ok anyone who thinks theyre are perfect and never drove drunk is full of it. People are taking it way outta hand because he is a celebrity but he still has family and friends who can read this nonsense everyone is posting so drop it already. He made a bad mistake but is no different than anyone else.


Ebert was 100% correct on his statement. Whether it had been the same day or a week after the accident, he was saying the truth that obviously many share. I was a huge fan of Dunn and all the other guys, but the truth is that he was reckless and this came as no surprise. Most of you are mentioning respect for his family and friends who are obviously grieving right now. Well, where were all these friends and loved ones the moment he was downing all that liquor and then proceeded to get in that car? They should have cared as much when he was alive making all these stupid decision and putting not only his life on the line but others' as well. Of course, now they are mourning, but I bet you they are also thinking that this could have been prevented had someone had the balls to actually stop Dunn and his friend from not only getting into that car but drinking so much.


Who thinks that the passenger's family will sue Ryan Dunn's estate?


With all due respect to Dunn, his famly and friends and not to poke fun and laugh at anyone's death but this ACCIDENT was brought on by Dunn himself and could have been preventd..The bar shouldn't be blamed. Dunn was a loose cannon (look at his track record). It was only a matter of time before something happened. Too bad it cost him his life but at least it didn't cost anyone else theirs. Could just sum up in one word-jack@$$!


That was very Heartless for saying that about Ryan Dunn, yes I agree he made a poor decision, he wasn't in the right mindframe. Accidents do happen, and people cannot judge people. I bet you yourself Roger Ebert have made poor decisions in your LIFETIME, and its wrong of you, and heartless of you to say that. Karma is a B*tch and it will catch up with you soon enough Ebert. I don't wish anything bad upon anybody but its unfair of you to hurt someone who is already grieving over the loss of his bestfriend/family member!!!!


As a professional GT sports car driver, I have to say drinking and sports cars dont mix. Sucks he's dead I really enjoyed his stunts, but lets be realistic people, this could have been prevented. Imagine traveling at 205 feet per second (140mph), even a couple of beers can throw off your perception.