Ashley Hebert Engaged to Bachelorette Winner, Report Says

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The Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert is happily engaged, according to new reports.

Who's the lucky guy? That you'll have to wait 'til August 1 to find out ... or read The Bachelorette spoilers we've posted that have been 100 percent true so far.

In any case, it's good to hear the happy news, seeing as Ashley Hebert nearly lost hope after Bentley Williams stabbed her in the heart. Figuratively that is.

Ashley H. Engaged!

This week's Life & Style cover story says that Ashley did shake off Bentley's betrayal eventually, and is engaged to the man she gave her final rose to.

On a secluded Fiji island May 13, the last remaining hopeful got down on one knee and proposed with a stunning diamond ring (Neil Lane, obvi).

"Ashley's elated," an insider reveals to the celebrity gossip publication. "She's engaged to the winner and is now wearing her engagement ring."

"I'm happy with the way things turned out for me," Ashley says.

This is no Brad-Emily situation, either. Weeks after filming has wrapped, "she's definitely still in the relationship," confirms a Bachelorette insider.

"She says she's really happy."

while the couple must keep their relationship under wraps until the Bachelorette finale, the lucky winner can't stop gushing about Ashley, either!

"He said, 'I'm in such a great place in my life, and I'm the happiest I've ever been,'" a show insider says. “He’s the sweetest guy, and he’s very sensitive. He had his heart broken in the past, but he loves being in a relationship."

"He and Ashley have such great chemistry. They have been sneaking away for sexy date nights whenever they can,” another source notes.

Well? Who do you think it is? Follow The Bachelorette spoilers link above to find out ... or speculate in the comments below!


JP won u idiots


I think Ashley is very immature. She was warned about Bentley, but went for him anyway. Then when he left, she was crushed, not because she was in love with him, but because he 'dumped' her and she wanted to get even. I feel West was one of the best, but she did him a favor by sending him home. I have a favorite, but I also feel he might be too mature for her. I can see her in a relationship and crying and going to bed everytime she doesn't get her way. Too bad. Great guys on there this time, who don't need that kind of grief. There are about three who would make good 'bachelors' for future shows.


You can tell he wins by looking at the spoiler they show at the end of the last episode. Look at his facial hair, and then look at his hands. Pretty obvious.


I love JP for Ashley or even Ryan....that's it !!!!


Something has been discussed with friends regarding Brad Womack and Emily: are they still together? why did Emily's parents never get introduced to Brad on the show, so much discussed about her little girl's grandparents on her ex-finance's side but nothing about her parents. Whatever her financial connection with the grandparent's, I think it will always be a circumstance to prevent her going forward into any relationship. She needs to grow up, when she accepted Brad's proposal, she knew earlier in the show. he would not move and that she and her daughter would have to move. So annoying, to see adults playing mind games.


JP wins! i'm glad it was him he is such a great guy!!


I want JP or Ryan to win!!! Love them!


Whomever she chooses I hope they are very happy. She sure had to go through a lot to get to the end and be happy. Good luck Ashley


Ashley is a very beautiful woman, any man could have her, I sure
hope it won't be Bently. He doesn't deserve her.
Good Luck Ashley.


I think it is Ben.

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