Ashley Hebert and Bentley Williams: The Bachelorette Reunion!

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Bentley Williams becameĀ  The Bachelorette's most notorious villain this week. The scary part? He's not even done messing with Ashley Hebert.

After wooing Ashley for three weeks, Bentley repeatedly insulted her behind her back, then walked out and left her in tears while he smirked.

If only she could move on, but he left her hanging with that dot dot dot crap. Soon enough, the sweet-talking slime will be back on the show.

Ashley Taking Bentley Back?!

According to Life & Style, Ashley Hebert flew Bentley more than 7,000 miles to exotic Hong Kong for a reunion we will watch unfold in a future episode.

"Ashley wanted a second chance with Bentley, so she begged producers to get him on the phone and get him on a plane out to see her," a source says.

"She couldn't stop thinking about him after he left her."

Upon Ashley's request, producers called Bentley every day for two weeks until he finally agreed to fly to Hong Kong, where the episode was filming.

But he didn't have a change of heart, he just wanted a free vacation. "He's never been to Hong Kong," a friend notes ... how does he have friends?

A tourist who witnessed the scene reveals this:

"The show's producers kept approaching her and gently asking her questions like, 'Are you going to be okay with this?' and 'How are you doing?'"

It's not clear what prompted it exactly, but the source says "She looked nervous and at one point stormed away to be by herself for a minute."

After everything that happened with Bentley Williams' first departure, it's amazing that the producers didn't warn her the second time around.

Poor thing has to have her heart broken twice. While she doesn't "take him back" as the cover above insinuates, he does return. And he sucks.

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Poor ashley, this bently guy iz such a jerk!


Unfortunately, I have to say that I myself have been a dork and gone for the one I knew I wasn't going to keep....but that was when I was younger... ...there is nothing like a man that knows what he wants espcially when it is you ....a motto to live by. I have been married 20 years this December - We are still in love -- People wish that they had what we do ...TTFN


I sure hope this is true, it has the potential to be a train wreck!


You can't actualy believe any of this. Its reality TV after all. Oh well, its just what the producers want, drama! It keeps us all glued. Pick up a good book and read!


Okay!!! is it just me or does Ashley have a screw loose? I mean really, you give a rose to a man who insults you in more ways than one. Although, your idea of a "roast" was a stupid one, but I get why you did it,I believe you wanted the roast because you had text sent to you about Bentley, and you wanted to know how the guys really felt about you without asking them one on one. So for the most part she has expressed poor judgement. Oh and I can see the next Bachelor being Bentley!!!


First of all, the producers had warned Ashley, not about all but enough. Then, another woman, named Michelle Money came forward to once again, warn Ashley of his true intentions. She disregarded both red flags and basically begged Bentley to stay. As much as Bentley is a dochebag, I really have to question the the stability and logic of Ashley. She has extremely low self esteem and obviously has a lot of insecurities. I also question the validity of her falling in love for someone after only three episodes. I'm sorry but Ashley gets what she deserves. Either that or the show is just fake and needs ratings.


lol why feel bad for her? I hate girls that are so needy like that! He's not interested she knows it. She needs to stop wanting things that she cant have!

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