Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin: The Awkward Lunch Date

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This is what happens when photos of your erect penis, Tweeted to another woman, end up on the Internet...

According to The New York Daily News, Anthony Weiner and pregnant wife Huma Abedin dined at La Bottega in Chelsea's Maritime Hotel yesterday afternoon, sharing pasta, but very little interaction a witness said, adding: She "looked miserable."

We wonder why.

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner

Each half of the couple donned his/her wedding ring, but they were both on their cell phones for most of the meal.

Weiner looked "really tense," the onlooker said. "Just like he was carrying some intense baggage," although he told the newspaper everything was "great."

The former New York Congressman resigned on June 16, following an embarrassing run of leaked cell phone messages, photos and admissions from women who said they had cybersex with him. This was the first public appearance for him and his wife since then.



We are human, we do mistakes and we learn from it... I pray he and his wife take time on their stride and love and trust each other again!


What he is "suffering" from is his own selfishness. she should take herself and their child elsewhere and really make him regret what he did because he will never know his child, that's what I'd do.


Tough for her being under the microscope in addition to being pregnant. I sure do hope he seeks whatever 'help' is available for whatever it is hes suffering from, if theres anything at all. I wish her & that innocent babe peace & happiness.

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