Angelina Jolie Visits Refugee Centers, Calls For Aid in Malta

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Residents of Malta have say Brangelina is nice. That's putting it mildly.

As Brad Pitt shoots his new film in the southern European country, his partner, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, has been making an even greater impact with various humanitarian visits in the region.

Having met with Syrian refugees in Turkey last week, Jolie visited two centers housing asylum-seekers in Malta and on the island of Lampedusa.

Here's a video of Angelina in action:

Over 1,500 refugees have fled the violence from war-embattled Libya to Malta (via overcrowded boats) this year, with lives being lost in transit.

"Malta has saved many lives, but it is the daily conditions on the ground that are of most concern," Angelina said in Malta on Sunday morning.

"We have spent time today speaking with the government and will spend more talking about how, together, we can make conditions more humane."

"We've spoken about our shared concerns about making sure asylum claims are processed as quickly as possible so no-one is sitting in a prison-like situation and waiting on a decision about their status," the actress added.


Plz am 4m nigeria and i have a brother been 2 malta since 3yrs nw he as been in refuge camp witout calling home plz ma help us talk to the government to help for resettlement so that there family can be in better conditiom


Respected madam,
plz help for kashmiri people only ten and temporery humantiron protection


hi angelina why the refuge in malta they give two rijected we caming bicouse the fighting in libya why rejectd why pls help as


Plz we need help we live in old tent if there is a hot is too much in side the tent if there is a cold also is to much so we need plz malta forman all our finger brint cuz we broken maltese economy and u r not diserve that
thank's malta and angalina


We are fed up in this detention in malta plz do somethig fast about our case bcos we risk our life to get to malta getting to malta d malta govt prison us plz do ur best to help us out


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