Amy Fisher Scoffs at Celebrity Rehab, Looks Totally Different

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We don't admire Amy Fisher for shooting her lover's wife in the face in 1992.

Nor are we really on board with the Long Island Lolita's move into porn.

However, we can't help but applaud Fisher, a cast member on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, but admitting that show is a total farce.

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"I don't need rehab," Fisher tells Entertainment Tonight in a new interview, the screen shots from which are posted above. "But I think I made for an interesting cast member."

That pretty much says it all about reality TV, doesn't it?

Elsewhere, compare the recent looks of Fisher. We'd ask whether or not she underwent plastic surgery, but what's the point? That would be akin to asking readers if Kim Kardashian is a productive member of society.


Amy was on the planet 16 years when she made her one bad move. Manipulated by a 34 year old man, she did a horrible thing for which she was convicted and served time in jail. The difference between a poor 16 year old gang member who is long forgiven and understood as being a juvenile in a bad place and Amy is her celebrity status, given by media. She was a young WOMAN and women don't normally shoot people. Men do all the time. Give the god damn woman a break. She paid her dues and Butafucco is still alive. Exactly what do you upstanding citizens think she should do? Kill herself? Dig a hole and bury herself? Why? You don't ask that of anyone else in her position! Seriously think about the double standards here. 16 is a CHILD.


Amy Fisher whining that people are so mean to her oh boo-friggen-hoo! Does she call what she did shooting Mrs. Buttafuco in the face as nice? How dare anyone feel sorry for her?! I would not call her a celebrity, just a notorious criminal.


*HATS OFF* to Amy for trying to get help with her addiction~ God bless u Amy


I hope Amy comes to terms with the mistakes she made as a teenager and stops punishing herself. I have not been a fan of hers but, now that I see her on Dr Drew's show I feel for her.
Sometimes we let ourselves be led down a path of emotion and mistakes as teens (due to hormones we do not understand) that we don't know how to come to terms with as adults. I was a teen that made some poor decisions and have had to deal with forgiving myself for some of my choices. Although I didn't go to the extreme that Amy did, I now see that but for the Grace of God...
Now that she is in rehab I hope she realizes that it is never too late to grow up and make wise mature decisions. I know she has the capability to do it if she will let the staff help her learn.
Good Luck Amy, I hope you make it.... life can be good.


What world does Amy live in? She wonders why no one likes her when she is in her own world crying "whay are people so mean?" She can't even admit to having an alcohol problem. She say she is forced to do porn? Wow, this woman blames everyone else for her issues. First, she should sue her plastic surgeon who made her look freaky and second, get a good divorce attorney. Her husband is locked and loaded and ready to spin out of control. I feel most sorry for the children who live in her home. That must be a very scary place to be...


Damn,,, did she get ran over by 3 semis? or what the hell happend to her face? Sexy? How about Murderous FREAK!


yes absolutely, this is new nose + eyes and chin implant, Silicone lip injection+ cheek injections + veneers on front teeth and darkened hair and long hair extensions....all porn people go to same docs to get work done so they all look the same, trashy w/over plucked eye brows...thats the porn look. Good surgery.


Amy Fisher definitely had some bad cosmetic surgery done to her face, particularly her lips. She use to be alot prettier. I guess that's what one does when one becomes a porn actress.

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