Amy Fisher Scoffs at Celebrity Rehab, Looks Totally Different

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We don't admire Amy Fisher for shooting her lover's wife in the face in 1992.

Nor are we really on board with the Long Island Lolita's move into porn.

However, we can't help but applaud Fisher, a cast member on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, but admitting that show is a total farce.

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"I don't need rehab," Fisher tells Entertainment Tonight in a new interview, the screen shots from which are posted above. "But I think I made for an interesting cast member."

That pretty much says it all about reality TV, doesn't it?

Elsewhere, compare the recent looks of Fisher. We'd ask whether or not she underwent plastic surgery, but what's the point? That would be akin to asking readers if Kim Kardashian is a productive member of society.

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id totally bang her.


Amy is a nasty ass whore and what makes it sicker is she has HERPES for godsakes that shit does not go away!!!! How many people do you think she has gave this disease to?? Just down right nasty!!!!


Amy definitely had some work done.I don't know why,she looked pretty good. Maybe its cause she's such a lame porn actress or maybe its because Lou has such a small penis for a man his size. Is he part asian?


she is a pig and will always be one,move on no one really gives a flying shit about her!!!!


Amy use to be so pretty when she got older, Now she destroyed herself. What a shame. She use to write a column for a local paper and actually was pretty damn good at it,was a great column and have no idea why she stopped. Good luck Amy.....You're going to need it.


Amy did not need 3 kids.She needs to ditch her low life hubby.She is immature.Lou is a Svengali.What husband has his wife do porn? The show did not adress any pertinent issues.They skipped around her.I was unimpressed.She has no personality or social skills.She could have changed her name with the plastic surgery and opted for a real life.What kind of role model is she for her kids?


That girl is unable to tell the truth. She is an alcoholic. She said she blacks out everytime she drinks, sounds normal to you? She is doing porn to support her pig of a husband. Then she cries constantly and doesn't answer and Drew says she is disassociating. That was BS you gave her an out and a BS name for her acting like a 2 yr. Old. Real dissassociatives do not bounce back in 5 mins. Sometime "Dr." Drew needs a kick in the a**.
I know that she is not a celebrity or worth any of the effort put into her. Her "story" was not compelling it was annoying.


Give the woman a break will you people. Everyone makes mistakes in life. She served her time for the crime. I wish her the best of luck in her recovery.


That's what a porn career and 10 years in the joint will do to you.


Don't listen to what people have to say about your past ... Cause that's just what it is, your past. Live YOUR life now for who you are inside. I wish you the best in your recovery and finding yourself and not being ashamed of who you are as a woman, a wife and a mother. What matters is close to home, nothing else. All the best.

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