America's Got Talent: Reigning in Seattle?

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America's Got Talent headed to Seattle this week, with the show losing credibility every time Howie tries to let in lemon acts such as the Paper Horn Man.

The evening didn’t impress me much and I was surprised the producers decided kept this episode alone when tomorrow’s previews were miles better than most of the auditions this week. For the highs and lows, read on...

Jumping Rope

The Highs
Seattle's First Contestant, impressionist Melissa Villasenor, was probably the best opening for a talent show in a while. Comedians/impressionists don't normally succeed on the show, but she was almost pitch perfect and deserves to make it to America’s vote.

Good Little Kids - I'm not sure why Sady's parents dressed her in something like a raincoat and rain boots, but her scatting was something that I haven't heard; she's like the anti-
Jackie Evancho.

Nick Cannon's Hosting – Watching Nick’s reaction to the drag act and the horrible magician was the best. His performance with Paper Horn Man was amazing, as well. I'll admit that while he's no Cat Deeley, Nick brings a nice dynamic to the show.

The Lows
Howie/Piers Fights - Let's stop focusing on the judges and more on the talent. I question Sharon's judging abilities when she caved and let Mauricio go through just so Howie could have a good laugh. If the contestants didn't impress on the first shot, they shouldn't make it through. The A+C Twins were bad, but Howie coming in and performing was lighthearted and funny; sure, it wasted time, but it was better than bickering.

Paper Horn Man - I'll admit, when I heard Carlton's voice, I imagined that he could be the next Ted Williams. Alas, he'll probably just be the crazy homeless guy you see at your local subway.

Generic Dance Groups - We got to see a clip of The Electrolytes perform and the judges were blown away. I didn't get it. They were okay. There are two groups that set the standard for hip hop dancers: America's Best Dance Crew's JabbaWockeeZ and Britain's Got Talent's Diversity. From the clips we got, The Electrolytes brought nothing new to the table.

The Burning Questions
Foreigners - There were several acts in Seattle that made me question the "America" part. As much as I loved Zuma Zuma, the Kenyan aerial group that didn't need mats, they admitted they were from Kenya. Along with them Mauricio Herrera, who was famous in Costa Rica but born in America, made me question his credibility. I'm sure that at least one of the two will be cut, but should contestants win if they aren’t American?

Breaking Groups Up - Poplyfe was a really good act and I'm shocked that Piers would even consider only taking the one girl in the six person group. Unlike Season Four's Marcus Terrell & the Serenades, The whole band was good and they had this wonderful vibe.

Overall, the episode was a bit boring and had the stereotypes we always see: the funny old person, talented little kids, dance groups, bad singers, and bad magicians. Outside of Melissa Villasenor and Poplyfe, no one else impressed me. How about you?


howie is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr FUNNY


I agree , Howie is an Idiot putting thru stupid acts for the sake of it , as for A G T only American ?? come on America is made up of immigrants from "other places" It did surprise me tho with an act from Africa.. Piers Morgan at least can see talent when its there no wonder he gets irked at the silly antics of HM,hes not funny!.


Is there any talent in Seattle; Did you see Alaska (:O


So far I've thought there have been some very good acts, and also very stupid things come on and waste time. What I'd really like to say,, is why did they ever choose Howie Mandel to be a judge??? He was good on Deal or no Deal, but on this show he is ridiculous!!! I'm sure I will have many whom diagree, but that is how my hubby and I feel. I'm sure we feel like some who think he is a clown trying to be a judge.


I firmly believe that Piers Morgan is an overgrown spoiled brat and should be replaced with a real person. He is the most insensative, egotistical,self-centered hypocrite I have ever had the displeasure to see, listen to. Grow up and get a life Piers.


So there are foreigners as contestants. Let's be fair, there are foreigners as judges. Sharon and Piers are both Brits, and I thought Howie was Canadian. No point having a double standard.


Last night was ok, but I have to say LA & Atlanta were better. I liked Melissa Villasenor & Zuma. And I don't care that they are originally from Kenya. I suspect they have been living and performing in the US for a while.


PLEASE get rid of Howie.He thinks he's funny but he's just obnoxious.


howie is not funny but aggravating.....he obviously is trying to piss off piers who is the only one with credentials to judge the contestants....howie is screwing up what could be a good show...he only degrades the show by allowing non talented acts to get through...i think the show would be better off without howie.....


I was PO'd that people who arent even US citizens can join this contast. It's called AMERICA has talent. I think its total BS and if someone other than an American wins I will never watch the show again.