Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley: A House Divided!

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The drama never stops for Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.

The troubled tandem, who will be returning on Season 3 of Teen Mom next month, saw their feud rekindled recently thanks to an unknown person.

Dammit Jenelle

An unknown person who spray-painted Amber's car with obscene language. That sucks, but why would it lead to a dispute with baby daddy Gary?

Well, this incident, along with death threats Amber received, prompted a judge to give physical custody of baby Leah to Gary, for her protection.

That ruling came with a provision that barred them from being in the same room with Leah together, so they can’t fight in front of the baby.

Yes, their relationship is that volatile.

Prior to this, the pair had been growing closer again, spending time with one another and exchanging suggestive Tweets. Then Gary Shirley got arrested, Amber's car got vandalized, a judge split them up and he blames her, etc.

What will happen next? All we can do is stay tuned. And call the cops.

[Photo: MTV]


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The article ends, "What will happen next? All we can do is stay tuned. And call the cops.". Who ever wrote this article has a future in fortune telling! Neither Amber nor Gary are fit to parent a child. If they really loved Leah they would give her up for adoption. Perhaps the nice couple that adopted Carly would take Leah as well? Gary and Amber are major loosers. They should both be sterilized.


That picture always makes me laugh. Look at his face!


Please look where these people come from, unless people want to change then maybe there might be some hope, but best bet they have a little money so in there minds they think there somebody forget getting your GED or getting help for there anger,they will just go on the way they are and wonder why no one from a good family wants to date their little girl when she gets older.Would you want those two as in laws?


Their poor daughter...I could not imagine seeing my parents behave this way & it's caught on tape for her to view & for all her friends & classmates to see (when she is older). What parent would allow their child to ever go over their house? I wouldn't.

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