Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop to Exit The Real Housewives of New York City?

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The casting carousal on The Real Housewives of New York City may be spinning again.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop won't return to the Bravo franchise next season. No other details have been given, but Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Jill Zarin, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Kelly Killoren Bensimon are all expected back.

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McCord is an original cast member, while Barshop was brought in to fill the void left when Bethenny Frankel departed the series.

In response to this report, a rep for Bravo simply said: “No decisions have been made regarding next season and everything at this point is rumor.”

This isn't the first time McCord has been allegedly let go. We'll keep fans apprised of the latest casting news as soon as it breaks.


the show is only good wen the brunettes are on! Ramona& alex both need to go if u ask me!!


I agree, the show is so phony now. I believe that the original seasons focused more on life in NYC for these women. Now it is all fighting for the cameras because the cast believes that is what the audience wants to see. This is not the case, it is silly, and quite frankly insults the audience's intelligence; we see through it all. It is all silly contrived nonsense.


Alex really does need to leave the show, her children need for her to "tighten-up" on the home training & manners, task better left to the parent instead of the opare...they act out like lil animals...not cute!


No I would rather have Alex. Can we bring in Rene from the New York Sh,ow, Mob Wives? Let see Jill and LuAnn telling her off..... Now they are real housewives.


Alex in some past seasons was very kind and sweet. She is now rude and is getting into everyones business. It is as if her insight has gotten out-of-sight. She is not the same person we knew in the past. Come back to us. It is not becoming of any of the ladies to behave that way especially one that we thought was so nice and sweet. Do not change for T.V. you were fine before.


Isn't the Hollywood Life famous for being sycophants of Jill Zarin by now? I seem to remember a lot of arse-licking "articles" by "journalists" there which seemed very planted by Jill's camp - about Alex and Simon not returning in years past, or Bethenny being fictionally jealous or whatever. I believe that Bonnie Fuller, one of the head...ahem...journalists might even be a social acquaintance of hers - which is why they post articles about "what Jill thinks of Lindsay Lohan" - which no one would care about, since Jill is not known for her wisdom or taste anywhere, really, except by her ass-lickers. This latest release has Jill's grubby smell all over it. It's so funny that she runs around crying that she's a victim of cyber-bullying when she is the most adapt at planting stories and using the press. Jill, you just make it much, much, harder for real victims to come forward and be taken seriously.


YAY! I am really glad Alex will not be returning. I hope it's true! She used to be one of my faves but this season as well as last has been nothing but a whining trouble-maker. She is no fun to watch and really drags down the show. I'm sorry to see Cindy go, however, she was a dose of sanity on the show that I really enjoyed.


I really like Alex but I'd really like to see the whole cast replaced. This show has jumped sharks. They're all so phony and petty. It's gotten ridiculous. There are no story lines except them bickering over nonsense and fighting for camera time. Same thing every week. It's sooo played out. Surely there are more interesting women in NYC.

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