Al-Qaeda Magazine Hacked By MI6; Bomb-Making Instructions Replaced With Cupcake Recipes

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Hacking. It's not just for Blake Lively nude photos anymore!

British intelligence agency MI6 recently hacked an Al-Qaeda online magazine, replacing bomb-making instructions with a recipe for cupcakes.

Seriously, this happened.


The joint venture by MI6 and the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters had agents insert into the magazine an encrypted version of “The Best Cupcakes in America,” published by the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Originally, the magazine had instructions on how to make pipe bombs, as well as articles by Osama bin Laden and deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.

According to reports, America was onto this too, but a similar Pentagon operation was blocked by the CIA, who believed that the magazine was more valuable in its previous state as a source of intelligence.

Thus, the attack was launched from Britain instead. Delish!

In related news, it's National Donut Day!!!!!


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Hey, I’m 14 and If you can, check out my vdieos of me singing and playing piano and ukulele!


Dammit America~! You always have to ruin the party.


Lmao. Can't even believe that hahaha


The preferred snack of terrorists after a hard day of raping and pillaging.


Allah's Bakers Dozen: Buy 12 and the 13th cupcake that explodes in your mouth is on us!


Whoever came up with the idea of using the cupcake recipe is a freakin genius! Lol!




does this mean there are cupcake nazis now!?


that is amazing!! They should have done it on april fools day!!!!!!!!

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