Whoopi Goldberg Lets One Rip on The View

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There's really no other way to say this: Whoopi Goldberg let one rip on The View this week.

Asked by guest Dr. Oz if there was a history of farting on the show, the host wasn't shy about her take on this habit: "There is more room out than in!" Whoopi exclaimed, as Barbara Walters looked on, mortified.

Goldberg then appeared to demonstrate her penchant for passing gas right there on the spot; once again, to the horror of Walters...

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I think the average person passes gas 14 times per day so I must admit that Whoopi is human like all people. Earlier I saw a video posted by a potty mouthed child really giving her a tough time
about this event. Time to move on...


She's gross. No couth at all.


My new pet name for Whoppi will be Lady CaCa. Up until now it was Lady PeePee (have you seen her urine leakage commercials?)!


hahahah thats funny, nothing wrong with farting and burping, sometimes you cant help it! its a natural occurance, get over it ppl


And there banning smoking in NYC?!?! What's the fine for Eau de Shit?