Who Should Win American Idol?

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The rocker is out, and three remain.

As American Idol heads into the final run of season 10, taking us to the hometowns of its remaining contestants next week, three distinct singers remain.

Idol Final Three
  1. Scotty McCreery: The all-American boy, seemingly came out of the womb with the perfect voice for country music. As consistent as any performer this season, but also as predictable.
  2. Lauren Alaina: Carrie Underwood, 2.0? A similar look and sound to the season four champion. An early favorite who has built up momentum each week.
  3. Haley Reinhart: The clear underdog. Has openly battled with judges, notably Randy Jackson, who have been critical of her recent renditions. Viewers have come to embrace her fighting attitude.

So, who will it be? Who should it be?

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I think Scotty is the most consistance. Scotty sung all three songs in semi great and the best of the the three. I believe Scotty will win and have a successful career.


i think haley is a screamer and lack personality especialy when the judges tried to offer advice.she became very unlady like.


Since James' untimely exit from the contest, Haley should definitely win. She has conviction and sticks to her beliefs instead of letting the judges and Jimmy Iovine push her into the "safe" choice. I loved Scotty in the beginning but he has developed quite an ego - or am I the only one who has noticed? Lauren is talented but I'm not sure she's quite ready for stardom.


lauren alain is so sweet and innocent... and talented. haley is a screamer.. by the end of her songs..she is screaming. so i guess it goes to scotty. should have been james or casey..


I think Idol is rigged. they already know who will win. thats why certain people are still in there. you know the ones that all all over the place and the ones that should of left along time ago. be real people. it is fixed. do in-dept research online look up idol and just real. it will tell you who will go and who will stay.


Top three again should've been Pia, Scotty and James. Haley is inconsistent, like someone mentioned. I say Scotty has been the most consistent of the final three, but my vote would've been for Pia, with a little bit of Whitney and Mariah in her voice.


DIdn't like Pia but I loved James, Scottie is always on key and is very good, Casey was a musical genius, Haley sreams,Toothpaster guy was fewsh and differen, laura boring and always sounds the same! It is down to Scottie for me, never gave a bad performane!


scotty all the way to the top .does james and pia fans give it a rest this is a competition and is judge by the people and for thepeople to diside not randy or the other judges even if jlo is the pretty of all, dont she dress beutifull, i know that the best thin they did was to bring in jlo to be one of the new judge and i dont care how much she get pay for doing this she deserve every bit ,beside it seems that she have the pure heart for all the contestants because she knos what it takes ,love them all, good night and god bless.


I don't think any of them are American Idols. They are just not finding that special one out there. I agree with all of you about Lauren and Scotty, yawn. Haley on the other hand does not know how to work her voice. She could be great instead she is all over the place and not that pleasant to listen to as she should be.


James fans...please continue to vote and (respectfully) vote for HALEY!!! This girl has got to win! The looks, personality, talent, voice, everything is evident. More clearly is that her style is unique (with her raspy and sexy voice), fresh (stands out) and beautiful (attitude + personality = always smiles).

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