When Will Kate Middleton Get Pregnant?

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If you thought British royal family gossip would dissipate after the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William April 29, you thought wrong.

There's the royal couple's secret honeymoon, and the question of whether Chelsy Davy will wed Prince Harry in a royal wedding of their own.

Not to mention the fascination with Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton.

Yeah, the royals are not going anywhere. Especially since really, it's only a matter of time until Kate Middleton pregnancy speculation begins!

Just Wed!

JUST MARRIED: Let the Kate baby bump watch begin!

At some point, there is probably going to be a baby. Even before that, there will be gossip about when there will be a baby. Potentially a lot of it, in fact.

"There's a good chance that she will be pregnant in the next year or two, because, well, that's what royals do," one British royal family expert opines.

Kate Middleton is 29 and Prince William turns the same June 21, so the timing would make sense. Not that fans need a royal baby to remain interested.

Searches for Will and Kate's honeymoon rose 289 percent this week from last, and their upcoming trip to America generated a similar online response.

Long story short, don't expect the royal couple or their siblings to drift into obscurity anytime soon. Two billion people watched the wedding, after all.

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WHY are they still calling her Kate Middleton?????????


lets give dis two young love birds some credit children are heritage 4rm God it therefore means dat He is incharge.


Perhaps the reason for waiting so long to get married was that they wanted to be ready to have a child once they got married, they got to have fun first, without being pushed for heirs!


well given that it has been royal tradition for almost 200 years to give the first heir within a year.....she probably wont want to upset anyone and have one in that time frame. I personally think she shouldn't have one just to say "hey I"ll do it when i'm ready"


This is cracy. The baby watchers should channel their energies in more productive ventures other than speculate on when Kate and Williams will start making babies. They aint God.


The media needs to keep out of Kate's business. When God is ready as well as the royal couple, children will come. William and Kate need their privacy without the media getting into their business!


If Kate is going to get pregnant. She'd better start soon because once she turns 30 in January of 2012 that's when her biological clock starts ticking.


Poor people! She'll get pregnant when she gets pregnant. Isn't a girl allowed to enjoy her marriage before she has a baby??


wow, that's a lot of pressure on the poor girl... It was a lovely wedding!


The BIG difference between Princess Diana and Catherine is that Diana had never been on birth control pills and was a decade younger than William's wife. The perfect virgin Princess Bride. I hope that taking contraceptives for almost a decade does not interfere with her having children.