Vicki Gunvalson on Divorce Chatter: My Bad!

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Vicki Gunvalson feels guilty.

The Real Housewife of Orange County talked to E! News this week about her divorce from husband Donn and said she regrets going off about such private issues on reality TV.

"I hurt Donn a lot by exposing all of the things that I did," Vicki said. "Which I never meant to do. The unfortunate part is I started talking to Tamra [Barney] in confidence, and you tend to forget that there's a microphone on and she's like, 'What's wrong with you, what's wrong with you, what's wrong with you? You're not yourself.' And I just started unloading. And the cameras caught it."


Vicki added that she loves and respects Donn and they are in the process of mediation.

Regarding the season finale, which was filmed at Vicki's house, and the subsequent reunion special, this Housewife sure knows how to set up a teaseĀ  - and gross out viewers.

"I cried 15 hours, the entire time, I couldn't get control of my tears," she said. "I got in the limo at the end and my stomach was just in a knot. I thought, am I going to throw up or am I going to have diarrhea."

Ah, lovely.


Good move Vicki...divorce Donn. That way you will set him free to find someone who will love and appreciate him and treat him like a man. You cut him down every chance you had and he sure didn't deserve that.
You will end up alone and bitter like that skag friend of yours...Tamra. Gezzzz, what happened to Tamra? She aged 20 yrs right in front of our eyes!! She looks ridiculous with that young honey Eddie.
Take the show off the's not worth watching anymore.


her & tamara need to hook up there both mean & uncaring .


Donn will end up with a hot babe on his arm, because he's a catch. Vicki will end up alone, but well-insured. Really? who cares.


She's never had enough time for him. Work has always been her priority. He was trying, but she wasn't and never took the blame for anything!


Donn you are a great man and I'm sure you'll find happiness and the respect you deserve. Vicki, I hope you find what you're looking for too. Life is to short and you need enjoy it. Tomorrow is never promised so live for today. LHC, AZ


Yea this biotch is regretting everything she has ever or not ever done for Don. Like Tamara's divorce, this was a long time coming and the guys should be happy that they are finally freed from there ball-n-chain. Go run free and find a real woman who can and will treat you right!! Good riddance is all I have to say!!


She never had any regard or respect for Don. This situation is a perfect example. I'm glad for him that they're divorcing. Hes a great guy & deserves to be happy. Nobody could ever make Vicky happy. She's miserable. Congrats Don!


vicky's face is starting to resemble the nasty spiteful thing she really is

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