Tiki Barber Likens Self to Anne Frank

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Former New York Giants star turned Today broadcaster Tiki Barber lost quite a few fans when he left his pregnant wife to be with his 23-year-old girlfriend.

A remark he made to L. Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated regarding that situation isn't likely to help the ex-running back win any back, we're guessing.

Telling SI that he moved into the attic of his agent, Mark Lepselter, to escape prying eyes, Barber used the following, wholly unnecessary analogy:

"Lep's Jewish, and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing."

Mmm. A millionaire ex-NFL star and TV personality vs. a teenage Holocaust victim. So similar. What's next, someone likening the lockout to modern day slavery?

Oh, wait.

No harm done, you might say, and you might be right, but still, that's a pretty asinine comment at best, especially from a dude whose image took more of a pounding over wooing Traci Lynn Johnson than his body did in 10 NFL seasons.


No harm done? NO HARM DONE? Rampant anti-Semitism still exists today and this piece of crap's "remark" only encourages a total lack or empathy for the plight of the Jews by minimizing this angel's suffering. As a member of a historically oppressed minority group that has also been victim to these types of not so "innocent" remarks, he should know better. Disgusting.


If he really wants to be like Anne Frank we can send him to the gas chamber. Arrogant, self-aggrandizing imbecile.


this guy is a dirt bag and should not be a role model for anyone especially the youth in the world
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This guy is a stupid idiot basterd


What an imbecile. His comment demonstrates a complete lack of recognition or empathy for who Anne Frank was, what she endured and the legacy she left behind. Heaven forbid somone disrespected Nelson Mandella or MLK Jr by likening their trivial situation to the plight of those martyrs and you'd here quite the outcry. It never ceases to amaze me how members of one oppressed group can show such a lack of understanding and sensativity towards members of other oppressed groups.


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I must have missed the
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