THG Asks: Will Two and a Half Men Succeed With Ashton Kutcher?

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THG Asks!

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Today, THG Asks: Will Two and a Half Men succeed with Ashton Kutcher?

YES by Hilton Hater

Two and a Half Men has been the highest rated comedy on TV for years. Therefore, in order for the show to be a success, it simply has to maintain the bulk of that audience.

That's why Ashton Kutcher is an ideal replacement for Charlie Sheen.

Is he particularly exciting? No. Can I name his last critically-acclaimed movie? Gosh, no. (Seriously, try sitting through Valentine's Day or Killers.)

But Kutcher is safe, much like the show itself. This isn't Community, which takes chances and offers up unique, outrageous stunts and storylines.

It's a bland, predictable, cliche-ridden half hour of nonsense.

Ashton's the same. He's got a big smile and many Twitter followers and won't require writers to think for more than three seconds about any line they pen.

Sounds like a boring winner to me.

At Killers Premiere
A True Winner

NO by Free Britney 

#LOSING. My argument could begin and end there. Charlie Sheen may be a certified nut job, but he's right when he says he was Two and a Half Men.

If you think about it, the CBS comedy was a huge hit because it basically allowed the star to play a fictionalized but mostly accurate version of himself.

Charlie's popularity since going off the rails is proof of this. He's got serious issues, but he's a lovable loon, whether his surname is Sheen or Harper.

No offense to Ashton Kutcher, but ... Ashton Kutcher?

In the words of one respected TV critic, "I am far from impressed ... The move comes across as a shameless attempt to tap into a younger generation, one familiar with Kutcher from his days on Fox and MTV. I don’t think it will work.”

THG Asks you ... will Ashton and 2 1/2 Men thrive? Who won this argument?


Didn't much care for Charlie, but the writing on the show is extremely clever. Sheen fit his character like a glove (Duhhhh). The writers should easily be able to work Ashton
into the scenario with the aide of the great cast!


They said American Idol wouldn't last without Simon Cowell, but Steven Tyler is Waaaay better. So, yes, I am willing to give Kutcher and the show a chance. I love Jon Cryer, who I think is way, way more talented than Charlie Sheen. Berta, Jake and EVELYN for heavens sake. Wonderful cast. All of them. Hope it's a huge success. Really tired of Charlie being Charlie.


I honestly love Two and a Half Men and I love Ashton so I hope things work out.


All I have to say is....Good luck Ashton Kutcher...I hope he can play a better role than Charlie Sheen, but if the ratings go down, I'm gonna say I told you so, because no one is as better than Charlie Sheen.


I loved Charlie and it was great with him but he chose a differnt like I guess!! So I think ppl nedd to give Ashton a chance hes funny and good looking...I think it might work!! All the love from Texas!!!!


I love the show, but charlie ISN'T the show..the other characters are just as talented AND funny..and I for one was kinda gettin tired of all the story lines revolving around charlie being a Ho, alcoholic..yeah, it was funny for awhile, but come on, it was gettin I am willing to give ashton a try, even thought I'm not a big fan of him or his nasty cougar wife..remember, the writers are a big part of the show, and if they continue to write funny stuff, it really shouldn't matter who is on the show..I hope they give Jake and Berta more lines, because to me they are freakin hilarious !!


The show is Charlie Sheen. U cant just replace him, the show will never survive without him.


I love Ashton Kutcher as the replacement. They can't make him Charlie...I hate when they do that. But I think Charlie should die, Ashton be a long lost cousin that he left everything to...a deep dig to Allen, who now has to live under Ashton's!! :) And the kid is definitely as big a part as Charlie was...


Charlie had ceased to be funny a long time ago...not to mention the fact that he looks like he is at death's door. All of the other characters have become way funnier than Charlie. I'm glad he's gone. His character had become nothing more than filler material.


I don't think I am even going to watch the show anymore. Charlie was the show without him it's not Two and a Half men it's One and a half men plus an outsider. I realy don't see how they are going to pull this one off.

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